25-29 September 2015
International Conference Center (also named as <a href="http://www.jdnyhotel.com/index.php" target="_blank">“Nanyang Hotel”</a>)
PRC timezone


Additional Information:

2. Arrangement for the Airport and Railway Station

Because the number of people who choose the recommended flight is very few,so no shuttle will be arranged on September 25th.

There will be some XJTU students at the airport or Xi’an North Railway train station. They will hold the sign of “HSTD10” and will be available to assist you to take the taxi or board airport shuttle bus.

Please notice the following contact information of the students onsite:

 Airport Terminal 2:

                 邓佳Jia Deng(86-18192331016)   


 Airport Terminal 3:

                陈宇驰 Yuchi Chen(86-15129013160)  


Xi’an North Railway Station:

               何资星Zixing He(86-13279213216) 

               谭鹏康Pengkang Tan(86-15667083518)

PS: According to the arrival time of the registration,students will stay onsite from 9:00am till 9pm on September 25th.



(A) From the Airport or Rail Station to the hotels

For HSTD10 participants who need assistance in looking for flights and trains between Beijing and Xi’an, the following agency is helpful for the foreign visitors traveling in China:http://english.ctrip.com

Recommendation (departure from Beijing):

Flight CA1223 12:23-14:25Xianyang Airport

High-Speed TrainG655 10:05- 15:31Xi'an railway north station

We will arrange a pick-up bus for those who will take the recommended flight or the high-speed train on Sep. 25 (and Sep. 24), 2015 if more than 10 people will take same flight/train. Anyone who arrives at the airport or Xi'an North station within half an hour behind the recommended transportation is also welcome take the bus. Please fill your transportation accordingly and update your transportation information in the registration webpage.

If you arrive at Xianyang Airport/Xi’an Railway North Station at other time or arrive at Xi’an Station at any time, please see below:

如果乘坐推荐车航班或者高铁的人数超过10人,我们对乘坐2015年9月24日乘坐中国国航CA1223 次航班(12:23-14:25,咸阳机场)和高铁G655次列车(10:05- 15:31,西安北站)抵达西安的人员将安排接送。如果你比推荐的航班或者高铁到达晚半个小时,我们也乐意顺路提供接站。因此,请在注册网页及时更新你的交通信息。


1.By taxi.

You can take a taxi to the hotels from Xianyang International Airport (fare~150RMB), Xi’an North Rail Station (fare~50RMB) or Xi’an Rail Station (fare~15RMB).

You can show the address to the taxi driver according to your hotel reservation.

  • 西安市兴庆南路1号南洋大酒店

Nanyang Hotel, No.1, Xingqing South Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710048, P.R. China

  • 陕西省西安市碑林区兴庆路159号馨乐庭兴庆宫服务公寓

Citadines Xingqing Palace, No.159, Xingqing Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710048, P.R. China

2.By public transportation

(1)From Xianyang International Airport

You can take the airport shuttle bus to the hotels from Xianyang International Airport. The airport shuttle bus line which you should take is the line 5(Airport-Changqing hotel-Jianguo hotel), it operates from 8:30 to 20:30 every hour, tickets cost: 26 RMB, needed time:70 mins. You should get off the shuttle bus at Jianguo hotel stop which is the terminal of the line 5,then take a taxi go to hotel(~7RMB),or you can take the Bus 307 bus at Huzhulu lijiao and get off at Shapo stop as shown in the below map.


(2)From Xi’an Rail North Station

You can take the Xi’an subway to the hotels from Xi’an North Rail Station. The Xi’an subway line which you should take is the Xi’an metro line 2 (Xi’an North Rail Station –Weiqu South), it operates from 6:10 to 23:15.You should get off the subway at Nanshaomen, then take a taxi go to hotel(~10RMB),or you can take the Bus 700 bus at Nanshaomen and get off at Jiaodananmen as shown in the below map.


(3)From Xi’an Rail Station

You can take a taxi to your hotel(~15RMB),or you can take the No.607 bus at Huochezhan and get off at Shapocun stop as shown below.


(B)Travelling to the University.

The hotel is very close to the University location with a  the distance of ~500 meters.

If you go to the University instead of the hotels, you can show this address to the taxi driver:


Xi'an Jiaotong University,No.28,Xianning West Road,Xi'an,Shaanxi,710049,P.R.China