Improved effective TMD factorization for forward dijet production in p-A collisions

28 Apr 2015, 11:35


WG2 Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons WG2 Small-x, Diffraction and Vector Mesons


Piotr Kotko


We study forward dijet production in dilute-dense hadronic collisions. By considering the appropriate limits, we show that both the transverse-momentum-dependent (TMD) and the high-energy factorization formulas can be derived from the Color Glass Condensate framework. Respectively, this happens when the transverse momentum imbalance of the dijet system, $k_t$, is of the order of either the saturation scale, or the hard jet momenta, the former being always much smaller than the latter. We propose a new formula for forward dijets that encompasses both situations and is therefore applicable regardless of the magnitude of $k_t$. That involves generalizing the TMD factorization formula for dijet production to the case where the incoming small-$x$ gluon is off-shell. The derivation is performed in two independent ways, using either Feynman diagram techniques, or color-ordered amplitudes.

Primary authors

Andreas van Hameren (IFJ PAN) Cyrille Marquet (CPHT - Ecole Polytechnique) Elena Petreska (Graduate Center/Baruch College CUNY) Krzysztof Kutak (Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej Polskiej Akademii Nauk) Piotr Kotko Sebastian Piotr Sapeta (CERN)

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