Precision test of fundamental interactions with the ELBNF Near Detector

29 Apr 2015, 09:20


WG7 Future experiments WG3+WG7 Joint Session


Roberto Petti (University of South Carolina (US))


The reference design of the near detector for the LBNE/F experiment is a high-resolution, low density (about 0.1 g/cm^3) Fine-Grained Tracker (FGT), which, in conjunction with the high intensity and broad energy range of the LBNE/F beam, will allow precise tests of fundamental interactions resulting in a better understanding of the structure of matter. Overall, FGT is expected to collect about 10^8 inclusive neutrino charged current (CC) interactions with a bubble-chamber quality reconstruction of secondary charged and neutral particles. The rich physics program includes precision electroweak measurements (Weak Mixing Angle - WMA) using different independent channels from NC/CC DIS to neutrino-electron NC elastic scattering, measurement of the Adler sum rule and precision tests of isospin symmetry, measurements of nucleon and nuclear structure functions, searches for New Physics, etc. We will discuss the physics potential of FGT and present a few precision measurements.

Primary author

Vittorio Paolone (University of Pittsburgh)


Roberto Petti (University of South Carolina (US))

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