Measurements of Multi-boson production, Trilinear and Quadratic Gauge Couplings with the ATLAS detector

Apr 28, 2015, 3:15 PM


WG3 Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model WG3:Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model


Karen Chen (Stony Brook University (US))


The ATLAS collaboration has carried a set of measurements that provide stringent tests of the electroweak sector of Standard Model, specifically on di- and multi-boson production cross sections and on triple and quartic gauge-boson couplings. Such measurements include cross sections for WV (V=W or Z) production in the leptonic or semileptonic channels, the production of a W or Z boson in association with photons, a Z boson in the vector-boson fusion channel and two same-charge W bosons in the vector-boson scattering channel. These measurements are compared to (N)NLO predictions of the Standard Model and provide model-independent constraints on new physics, by setting limits on anomalous gauge-boson couplings. A global test of these Standard Model predictions can be made by studying of the common final state made up of a pair of an oppositely charged electron and muon. The simultaneous measurement of the cross-sections of the pair production of top quarks, tau-leptons via Drell-Yan, and WW bosons is performed in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 7 TeV. This analysis provides the underlying correlations in the predicted and measured cross-sections due to common proton parton distribution functions.

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