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Magnetization losses in MgB2 wire matrix material

Jun 29, 2015, 5:30 PM
Tucson Ballroom AB

Tucson Ballroom AB

Contributed Oral Presentation ICMC-08 - Superconductor Stability and AC Losses M1OrC - Superconductor Stability and AC Losses


Philippe Masson (University of Houston)


Magnesium diboride conductors are considered for use on fully superconducting wind turbine generators and, as a results, being able to quantify the AC losses in MgB2 wound stators is paramount. AC losses were measured on several MgB2 conductors based on NiCu matrix material. The measurements were done calorimetrically at about 15 K and at applied magnetic fields up to 100 mT and frequencies up to 400 Hz. The AC losses measured are consistent with magnetization losses in magnetic materials and not with classic AC losses (magnetization, coupling and eddy). As previously reported in literature, the matrix material composed of NiCu alloys, while non-magnetic at room temperature, might present magnetic properties at cryogenic temperature. This paper deals with the characterization of the matrix material of several MgB2 conductors from different manufacturers through the measurement of the susceptibility with respect to temperature and the measurement of the major hysteresis loop showing the saturation field and the maximum energy dissipated per cycle. The results are then used to correlate the AC losses measurements.

Primary author

Philippe Masson (University of Houston)


Dr Julien Leclerc (University of Houston)

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