June 28, 2015 to July 2, 2015
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[Invited] Production and integration of 2G HTS tapes into HTS devices

Jun 30, 2015, 4:30 PM
Tucson Ballroom AB

Tucson Ballroom AB

Invited Oral Presentation ICMC-02 - RE123 Conductors Processing and Properties M2OrC - Superconductor Wires II: Coated Conductors and Applications


Dr Alexander Molodyk (SuperOx)


SuperOx manufactures and markets high current, low cost 2G HTS tapes for HTS devices. Our core manufacturing technology includes the IBAD-MgO texturing on strong, non-magnetic Hastelloy substrates to make buffer templates and the PLD growth of the GdBCO layer. At present we offer tapes with single lengths over 300 m and Ic (77 K, s.f.) of 300-500 A/12 mm and 100-150 A/4 mm. SuperOx differentiates itself by providing deep customisation of the tape to meet specific application requirements, including any thickness of silver and/or copper coatings, surround polyimide insulation, low resistance soldered joints, solder plating, and lamination. In addition to manufacturing 2G HTS tapes we provide further integration of the tapes into HTS device modules and ultimately into ready HTS devices by developing in-house capabilities and partnering with outside experts. We have developed in-house capabilities for making basic modules of more complex HTS devices such as pancake and racetrack coils for magnets and rotating machines, soldered stacks of tapes for high current cables, HTS current leads, and tapes with proprietary protection against overcurrent for fault current limiters. Another development are solid 2D blocks of any size and shape consisting of multiple layers of 2G HTS tapes that represent an advanced and easily engineerable alternative to bulk HTS materials for applications that require trapping and/or shielding of magnetic field.

Primary author

Dr Alexander Molodyk (SuperOx)


Mr Alexander Adamenkov (SuperOx) Dr Alexey Mankevich (SuperOx) Dr Andrey Blednov (SuperOx) Prof. Andrey Kaul (SuperOx) Dr Anton Kamenev (SuperOx) Dr Anton Markelov (SuperOx) Dr Artem Makarevich (SuperOx) Dr Irina Martynova (SuperOx) Dr Mikhail Moysykh (SuperOx) Dr Sergey Lee (SuperOx-Japan LLC) Dr Sergey Samoilnekov (SuperOx) Dr Vadim Amelichev (SuperOx) Dr Valery Petrykin (SuperOx-Japan LLC) Dr Vladislav Kalitka (SuperOx) Mr Vsevolod Chepikov (SuperOx)

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