BI/TB on Evian follow-up #1

866 2-D05 (CERN)

866 2-D05


The next BI/TB will focus on actions taken following the Evian and Chamonix work-shops for LHC beam-instrumentation systems. The idea of this TB is to ensure the developments are coordinated and that plans for the recommissioning after the long LS1 are documented such that requests can be made visible in the schedule.

1) Introduction (Enrico)

- Need for 'quick' overview for each system

(meeting proposed next week with Hermann, Michael, Enrico, David, Bernd, L. Jensen)

- Existing JIRA tools proposed to keep track of upgrades

- Enrico to inform us of commissioning plans and communicate between LHC-OP and BI

2) LHC BLM (Christos)

- Reset of BLM electronics in tunnel, need agreement for who can do it and how/when

- Firmware upgrade required for BLMTC module (DAB) for faster read-out of thresholds (VME)

3) LHC BPM (Thibaut)

- Several BPMs added (BGI and TOTEM)

- Interlocked BPMs still not decided what to do in terms of gain switching - needs OP/ABP/ABT meeting

- Issues for new firmware for normal and interlock (meeting today with Andrea).

- BI/SW to estimate the effort of making the changes to low-level software classes (Guillaume, Lars)

4) DC BCT (Patrick/Michael)

- No changes made to tunnel electronics for start-up. By-pass would require 30 mins access to install if required.

- Decision pending for choice of 'operational DC BCT' system between VD80 and ADC-24 bits (Patrick, Michael, Lars * 2) expected for Thursday 11/12/14

- Small meeting required for best handling of lifetime for OP (Hermann et al)

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    • 9:30 AM 9:50 AM
      Introduction 20m
      Enrico will as newly appointed BI coordinator for the LHC machine introduce the actions for BI systems at the latest Evian and Chamonix workshops. Special emphasis will be made on proposals for documenting the steps required to recommission BI systems for what concerns general performance of BI systems and specifically machine protection.
      Speaker: Enrico Bravin (CERN)
    • 9:50 AM 10:20 AM
      Status and plans for LHC BLMs 30m
      - Status for hardware and firmware (new injection inhibit) - Status for software (low-level and applications BI, CO, OP)
      Speakers: Dr Christos Zamantzas (CERN), Stephen Jackson (CERN)
    • 10:20 AM 10:50 AM
      Status and plans for LHC BPM systems (normal + interlocked) 30m
      - BPMLHC hardware and firmware status (what's done and missing) - BPMLHC oftware status (what has been done and what's missing) - BPMITLHC firmware status - BPMITLHC software status
      Speakers: Andrea Boccardi (CERN), Athanasios Topaloudis (CERN), Eva Calvo Giraldo (CERN), Guillaume Baud (CERN), Thibaut Lefevre (CERN)
    • 10:50 AM 11:20 AM
      Status and plans for LHC DC BCT systems 30m
      - DC BCT hardware modifications - Proposal for choice of acquisition system (VD80 or 24-bit ADC) for the CCC - Software status and plans including intensity transmission
      Speakers: Michael Ludwig (CERN), Patrick Odier (CERN)