Mar 21 – 27, 2009
Europe/Prague timezone

The GigaFitter: Performances at CDF and Perspectives for Future Applications

Mar 24, 2009, 3:20 PM
Club D (Prague)

Club D


Prague Congress Centre 5. května 65, 140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
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Dr Silvia Amerio (University of Padova & INFN Padova)


The Silicon-Vertex-Trigger (SVT) is a processor developed at CDF experiment to perform online fast and precise track reconstruction. SVT is made of two pipelined processors, the Associative Memory, finding low precision tracks, and the Track Fitter, refining the track quality with high precision fits. We will describe the architecture and the performances of a next generation track fitter, the GigaFitter, developed to reduce the degradation of the SVT efficiency due to the increasing instantaneous luminosity. The GigaFitter reduces the track parameter reconstruction to a few clock cycles and can perform many fits in parallel, thus allowing high resolution tracking at very high rate. The core of the GigaFitter is implemented in a modern Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA chip, rich of powerful DSP arrays. The FPGA is housed on a mezzanine board which receives the data from a subset of the tracking detector and transfers the fitted tracks to a Pulsar motherboard for the final corrections. Instead of the current 12 boards, one per each sector of the detector, the final system will be much more compact, consisting of a single GigaFitter Pulsar board equipped with four mezzanine cards receiving the data from the entire tracking detector. Moreover, the GigaFitter modular structure is adequate to scale for much better performances and is general enough to be easily adapted to future High Energy Physics (HEP) experiments and applications outside HEP.

Primary authors

Ms Francesco Crescioli (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Dr Silvia Amerio (University of Padova & INFN Padova)


Dr Alberto Annovi (INFN LNF) Dr Donatella Lucchesi (University of Padova & INFN Padova) Mr Emanuele Giuliani (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Dr Guido Volpi (University of Siena & INFN Pisa) Ms Jessica Cenni (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Mr Marco Bettini (INFN Padova) Mr Marco Piendibene (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Mr Marino Nicoletto (INFN Padova) Ms Martina Bucciantonio (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Prof. Mauro Dell'Orso (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Mr Michele Basile (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Mr Nicola Rafanelli (University of Pisa & INFN Pisa) Dr Paola Giannetti (INFN Pisa) Dr Pierluigi Catastini (University of Siena & INFN Pisa)

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