Mar 3 – 5, 2015
Europe/Paris timezone

Local Information

Local information


Workshop venue

The "Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie" (LPSC) is located in Grenoble, North-West of the city centre. Beware the LPSC is not located on the campus area. Directions are given below.

LPSC location on google maps

Attention: the area aound LPSC has undergone major construction works (extension of the tramway, rerouting of roads) and the roundabout shown on the google map area is now a squared plaza. The LPSC building has not changed though.

View of the main entrance of LPSC

The workshop will take place in the main building of LPSC ("bâtiment 1A"). It is standing right in front of the last station of the tramway B, station "Grenoble Presqu'île", and this is the building that is clearly visible in the photograph linked above. The best way to reach LPSC from the city centre or the railway station is by tramway. Tramway B features many stops in the city centre, and the travel time from the city centre to the last stip (i.e. LPSC) is less than 20 minutes. The time between Tramway successive trains is less than 10 minutes during work hours.

LPSC also has ample parking for visitors coming by car.

Once inside the main LPSC building, mount the stairs right in front of you (up one level) and continue to your right. The conference room ("Grande Salle du Conseil") is behind the first (glass) door on your right.

How to reach LPSC


There are many hotels in Grenoble. For visitors to LPSC, the most suitable areas in town are the city centre and the railway station area, both of which are well served by tramway B. On foot (or on tramway B), the travel time from the main train station to the historic city centre is about 10 minutes. The names of Tramway stations right in the city centre: "Victor Hugo", ...,  "Sainte Claire".

Tickets for the tramway

You normally buy individual tickets in the machines at the tramway stations (1.5 EUR). Bank cards are accepted, even for the purchase of a single ticket. You can save some money by buying the 10-rides ticket, at the same machine. The machines do speak english (you have to turn the round scroll wheel to reach the UK flag). One ticket can be used for one hour, connections and returns are allowed.

plan of the public transportation

WiFi at LPSC

Either Eduroam or a vistor access will be available for the workshop participants. Details are given in this section.

Discovering Grenoble

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