Mar 3 – 5, 2015
Europe/Paris timezone

WiFi at LPSC


EDUROAM:  LPSC is a member of the Eduroam federation (; if your home institution joined Eduroam, you will be able to authenticate to the Eduroam SSID with your home institution’s credentials.

LPSC WiFi: Should you not be able to use Eduroam, LPSC can provide you a visitor access to the WIFI by following these instructions:

  1. Use your Wi-Fi configuration tool to connect to the access point using the SSI WIFI-ACCESS
  2. With your favorite browser try a connection to Internet for example
  3. You will be directed to LPSC’s network access page.
  4. Select English language, click Visitor, and fill the form, then select your contact at LPSC (you can specify the group but it is not mandatory):
    1. Catherine Biscarat or Christine Gondrand
  5. As soon as your contact validated your access you will be able to access to Internet.