XXXV Physics in Collision

Zeeman building, MS0.1 (University of Warwick)

Zeeman building, MS0.1

University of Warwick

Gary Barker (University of Warwick (GB))
The international symposium on Physics in Collision (PIC) is a conference whose focus is to update key topics in elementary particle physics in which new results have been published within the last year or are reasonably expected to be so before the symposium. The aim of the presentations is to encourage informal discussions of new experimental results and their implications. The topics at the symposium cover a wide range of physics subjects from experimental and theoretical accelerator-based particle physics to astroparticle physics. Specifically, the meeting topics include Electroweak phenomena, neutrino physics, QCD, heavy flavor physics, heavy ion physics, Higgs physics, Searches for BSM physics, and astroparticle physics.