Second eLISA CosWG workshop

E164 (University of Stavanger)


University of Stavanger

4036 Stavanger, Norway

This is the second workshop of the eLISA cosmology working group. The aim is to advance in the discussion of scientific topics and research projects relevant in the context of the next Gravitational Wave Observatory, the mission approved by ESA for L3 launch.

The deadline for registration and abstract submission is September 1st.

For informations on the eLISA consortium and on the mission status:

   Chiara Caprini (CNRS IPhT Saclay)
   Germano Nardini (DESY)
   Anders Tranberg (University of Stavanger)
   David Weir (University of Stavanger)

Confirmed Speakers:  
   Richard Battye (University of Manchester)
   Diego Blas (CERN)
   Stefano Camera (University of Manchester)
   Daniel Figueroa (CERN)
   Jacopo Ghiglieri (University of Bern)
   Jonathan Kozaczuk (TRIUMF)
   Samaya Nissanke (Radboud University)
   Paolo Pani (University of Lisbon)
   Antoine Petiteau (APC Paris)
   Tania Regimbau (OCA Nice)
   Paul Saffin (University of Nottingham)
   Pedro Schwaller (CERN)
   Géraldine Servant (DESY)

  • Abhishek Anchal
  • Anders Tranberg
  • Anders Haarr
  • Andreas Hohenegger
  • Angelo Ricciardone
  • Antoine Petiteau
  • Asgeir Osland
  • Chiara Caprini
  • Daniel G. Figueroa
  • David Weir
  • Diego Blas Temino
  • Geraldine Servant
  • Germano Nardini
  • Jacopo Ghiglieri
  • Jonathan Kozaczuk
  • Mark Hindmarsh
  • Nicola Tamanini
  • Paolo Pani
  • Paul Saffin
  • Pedro Schwaller
  • Pierre Binetruy
  • Rajeev Kumar Jain
  • Stefano Camera
  • Stephan Huber
  • Tania Regimbau
  • Tomas Brauner