FP7 Imaging Call- ENLIGHT

40-S2-D01 (CERN)



Instructions for playing back the EVO recording 0. Download the zipped recording(s) and unzip it to a directory of your own choice (it's imporant that both sets of the second session are unzipped into the same directory) 1. Start up EVO 2. Create an ad hoc meeting (or book a meeting) - the playback only works when you're in a meeting 3. Join the meeting you just created 4. Click on the Recorder button in the upper right corner 5. Click on the Player tab and click on the Open File button 6. Browse to the directory where you unzipped the recordings and choose the .evo file 7. Click on the Play button to start playback (the video will play back in the vievo window) 8. If you cannot see the video, click on the AV Controls tab, click on the Video sub-tab and then click Restart Video If you have any problems with the playback, please send a mail to evosupport@vrvs.org.
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