6-8 April 2009
University of Oxford
Europe/London timezone

Lepton Asymmetries and their Evolution in the E6SSM

8 Apr 2009, 11:45
Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre (University of Oxford)

Dennis Sciama Lecture Theatre

University of Oxford


Rui Luo (University of Glasgow)


We investigate leptogenesis in the E6 inspired Supersymmetric Standard Model. In this model, the gauge singlet right-handed neutrinos decay into ordinary leptons, exotic leptons and leptoquarks, all of which carry non-zero lepton number. Lepton asymmetries are calculated from loop diagram contributions to the right-handed neutrino decay. We find that lepton asymmetries can be enhanced drastically by extra Yukawa couplings in this model. Boltzmann Equations indicate that a successful leptogenesis can be achieved when the lightest right-handed neutrinos mass is of order 10^6 GeV, as required by the limit on the reheating temperature.

Primary author

Rui Luo (University of Glasgow)

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