28-29 September 2015
Europe/Zurich timezone
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Writing robust C++ code for critical applications

29 Sep 2015, 16:45
31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre (CERN)

31/3-004 - IT Amphitheatre


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Miguel Ojeda Sandonis (CERN)


**C++** is one of the most **complex**, expressive and powerful languages out there. However, its complexity makes it hard to write **robust** code. When using C++ to code **critical** applications, ensuring **reliability** is one of the key topics. Testing, debugging and profiling are all a major part of this kind of work. In the BE department we use C++ to write a big part of the controls system for beam operation, which implies putting a big focus on system stability and ensuring smooth operation. This talk will try to: - Highlight potential problems when writing C++ code, giving guidelines on writing defensive code that could have avoided such issues - Explain how to avoid common pitfalls (both in writing C++ code and at the debugging & profiling phase) - Showcase some tools and tricks useful to C++ development The attendees' proficiency in C++ should not be a concern. Anyone is free to join, even people that do not know C++, if only to learn the pitfalls a language may have. This may benefit future decisions on the design phase of a project.
Availability Both days
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Miguel Ojeda Sandonis (CERN)

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