21-23 June 2017
University of Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Future of repositories session : World landscape of repositories and repository networks: achievements, challenges, opportunities.

23 Jun 2017, 11:10
Uni Mail MR380

Uni Mail MR380


Mrs Dominique Babini


For the scholarly community, taking advantage of open access to take back ownership and management of scholarly communications is a work in progress since Stevan Harnad´s Subversive Proposal back in 1994 calling on all authors to archive their articles for free for everyone online.
Today, open access interoperable repositories are managed by universities and other institutions, with a trend toward regional networking -as is the case of OpenAIRE in Europe, SHARE in North America, La Referencia in Latin America- and growing inter-regional initiatives (e.g.: COAR-Confederation of Open Access Repositories)
Repositories have achieved collaborative ways of providing visibility and open access to all kinds of contents, not only peer-reviewed journal articles, in support of research, education, open science and information needs of diverse audiences.
This presentation will describe characteristics and achievements of the world landscape of repositories (institutional,subject,data,theses,journals repositories) and of repository networks. Then this presentation will share, from a developing region perspective, three of the challenges repositories face to help build a global inclusive and distributed ecosystem of repositories managed by the scholarly community: 1) open access policies that give primacy to repositories; 2) development of repository indicators in support of the evaluation process, and 3) processes to document, within the lifecycle of research, the existence and type of quality assessment of each research output so this data is available when repositories metadata are produced.

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