21-23 June 2017
University of Geneva
Europe/Zurich timezone

Future of repositories session : COAR NGR user stories and current developments

23 Jun 2017, 11:30
Uni Mail MR380

Uni Mail MR380


Dr Petr Knoth


One of the key aims of the COAR NGR group is to help us to overcome the challenges that still make it difficult to move beyond repositories as document silos. The group wants to see a globally interoperable network of repositories and global services built on top of repositories fulfilling the expectations of users in the 21st century. During this talk, I will address several use cases the COAR NGR working group aims to enable in the next generation of repositories. They include more effective techniques for metadata and content discovery & synchronization, enabling social notification feeds (including commenting and peer-review), supporting data mining, enabling recommender systems and offering new ways for comparing usage of content across repositories.

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