Social Program

(Updated Wednesday morning 11:47 AM,  July 20th.  Details of meeting points to be added here ). 

Info for Bike trip :

Info for hiking trip :

Info for swim trip :

On Wednesday afternoon, there is free time scheduled from 15:15 - 18:30 (except for the International Advisory Committee members who are scheduled to meet for part of this time.)   Rather than do one large excursion for everyone, we will offer the following guided activities.  For each activity, we would plan to have a limited number of  10-20 participants.    There will be sign-sheets available on after the Monday morning session.   Quick overview. 

  1. Hiking trip :  Up to 20 people.  Hike up to Uetliberg, the highest point around Zurich. From there, you will have views of the city, and surrounding countryside. You can also take the train up and meet the group.  Cost of roundtrip train is 17 CHF.  See more detailed information below.  More information, ask group guide, ETH student, Joosep Pata.
  2. Biking trip :  Up to 10 people.  This group will rent bikes and go for a ride for a few hours.  The route will probably include the river, lake, and some of the more bikeable parts of the city.  More information, ask group guide, UZH physics student, Jennifer Ngadiuba. 
  3. River swim :  Up to 15 people.  One of the fun things Zurich people do is swim in the river, which is clear and clean.  This group will head over to Unterer Letten, where you will be able to relax and repeatedly float down along an enclosed Badi (swimming pool) built into the river Limmat.  Group guide, Ben Kilminster.

Of course, you don't need to do any of the activities above to have fun.  You will receive a packet of information on museums, galleries, and other attractions, and you can go it on your own. 

Other options on your own : 

  1. Kunsthaus (Museum for modern Art in Zurich).  10 minute walk from Conference.  Current special exhibitions :  "France Picaba", "Dada". 
  2. Landesmuseum : Swiss national museum, next to main train station (Zurich HB).
  3. Self-guided Tours :   Get "GPSmycity" app.   There are architectural tours, landmark tours, shopping tours, cultural tours, museum tours. 


For more information, contact Ben Kilminster.