Jul 11 – 15, 2016
University of Stavanger
Europe/Oslo timezone

Update 29.07.2016: Check out some photos of the conference and of the region around Stavanger! Feel free to send us your photos - either directly or a link to an online album - and we will create a page to link to them.

The focus of the conference was the theory of the Standard Model and beyond at finite temperature and density and out of equilibrium, including applications to cosmology, astrophysics and relativistic heavy-ion collision experiments. Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • QCD in extreme conditions and dense nuclear matter
  • Baryogenesis and leptogenesis
  • Heavy-ion collisions and the Quark-Gluon Plasma
  • Quantum fields out of equilibrium and thermalization
  • Electroweak phase transition beyond the Standard Model
  • Early Universe physics and sources for gravitational waves
  • Quantum field dynamics and inflation

With the following invited speakers:

  • Frank Wilczek [MIT]
  • Dietrich Bödeker [Bielefeld]
  • Paolo Creminelli [ICTP]
  • Gergely Endrődi [Frankfurt]
  • Mark Hindmarsh [Sussex]
  • Aleksi Kurkela [CERN]
  • Jose M. No [Sussex]
  • Sami Nurmi [Jyväskylä]
  • Troels C. Petersen [Copenhagen/ATLAS]
  • Claudia Ratti [Houston]
  • Dieter Röhrich [Bergen/ALICE]
  • Andreas Schmitt [Southampton]
  • Geraldine Servant [DESY]
  • Mikhail Shaposhnikov [Lausanne]
  • Jaroslav Trnka [UC Davis]
  • Raju Venugopalan [BNL/Heidelberg]
  • Bin Wu [Ohio State]
  • Naoki Yamamoto [Keio]

The conference will be held on campus at University of Stavanger.

The organisers can be contacted by email at contact@sewm2016.org.

You can download our poster or the timetable as PDFs.

University of Stavanger