Jul 11 – 15, 2016
University of Stavanger
Europe/Oslo timezone

Local Transport

Buses to and from the airport are operated by Flybussen.

Buses within Stavanger are operated by Kolumbus.

Tickets for Flybussen permit one transfer onto Kolumbus local buses. We will provide a weekly travel pass (valid from Monday morning) in your conference pack. You will receive this at the hotel check-in. If you intend to go directly to campus on arrival and would rather receive it there, let us know.

The hotels are close to the center (Breiavatnet), where you will also find the bus terminal [map]. The airport shuttle Flybussen stops (but does not terminate) here. Going back to the airport, you can also catch the Flybussen from the bus terminal (or stop 32). There is a travel centre located at the terminal which can provide you with further information.

All other busses leave from stops around the lake: for campus take bus 6 or 7 (from stop number 19 [map]) or X60 (from stop number 18 [map]). You can also get all three buses from stop 32 [map] (see also: PDF map of all downtown bus stops). The journey time is comparable; routes 6 and 7 take a westerly route, while route X60 takes a more easterly route (directly past the Park Inn hotel).

In any case, get off at the stop "UiS øst" [map].

This is immediately adjacent to the University main building (Arne Rettedals hus), where the conference is held. When leaving campus, use the same stop (but in the opposite direction).

Finally, note that the summer timetable is in operation, with a substantially reduced number of buses operating - buses marked in yellow do not operate in July. There is generally a bus at least every fifteen minutes to and from the centre of town, but note that the built in journey planner for Google Maps may not reflect these changes. You are advised to use the Kolumbus journey planner if in any doubt.


Timetables for bus routes serving the university can be found here.