Strong and Electroweak Matter 2016

from Monday, 11 July 2016 (12:00) to Friday, 15 July 2016 (13:30)
University of Stavanger

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11 Jul 2016
12 Jul 2016
13 Jul 2016
14 Jul 2016
15 Jul 2016
Plenary - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL) (until 10:30) (G-001)
09:00 Geometric picture for scattering amplitudes - Jaroslav Trnka (UC Davis)   (G-001)
09:45 Electroweak baryogenesis from dynamical CKM matrix - Geraldine Servant (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DE))   (G-001)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL) (until 12:30) (G-001)
11:00 The first Fermi of a Heavy-Ion Collision: results, puzzles, and opportunities - Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   (G-001)
11:45 Vacuum stability and early universe physics - Sami Nurmi (University of Jyväskylä)   (G-001)
Plenary - Alexander Rothkopf (Heidelberg University) (until 10:45) (G-001)
09:00 Effective field theory techniques applied to the hard scales of the plasmas - Cristina Manuel (CSIC-IEEC)   (G-001)
09:45 Axions: The Unfinished Business of QCD - Frank Wilczek (MIT)   (G-001)
10:45 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Alexander Rothkopf (Heidelberg University) (until 12:45) (G-001)
11:15 EFT and its applications in cosmology - Paolo Creminelli (ICTP)   (G-001)
12:00 Topological transport phenomena in strong and electroweak matter - Naoki Yamamoto (Keio University)   (G-001)
Plenary - Jacopo Ghiglieri (Universitaet Bern (CH)) (until 10:30) (G-001)
09:00 Gravitational waves and eLISA - Mark Hindmarsh (University of Sussex)   (G-001)
09:45 Jet evolution in dense QCD matter - Bin Wu (Ohio State)   (G-001)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Jacopo Ghiglieri (Universitaet Bern (CH)) (until 12:30) (G-001)
11:00 Leptogenesis - Dietrich Bödeker (Bielefeld University)   (G-001)
11:45 Background magnetic fields and the QCD phase diagram - Gergely Endrődi (University of Frankfurt)   (G-001)
Plenary - Guy Moore (until 10:30) (G-001)
09:00 Vacuum (meta?)stability, Higgs inflation and physics beyond the Standard Model - Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL)   (G-001)
09:45 Dense nuclear and quark matter in compact stars - Andreas Schmitt (University of Southampton)   (G-001)
10:30 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Guy Moore (until 12:30) (G-001)
11:00 Hydrodynamization in weakly-coupled heavy-ion collisions - Eero Aleksi Kurkela (CERN)   (G-001)
11:45 Lessons from Numerical Holography - Laurence Yaffe (University of Washington)   (G-001)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Welcome (until 13:30) (G-001)
Plenary - Tomas Brauner (University of Stavanger) (until 15:30) (G-001)
13:30 Overview of ATLAS & CMS: Experiments, Techniques, and Results - Troels Petersen (NBI)   (G-001)
14:30 Recent results from the LHC heavy ion programme - Dieter Rohrich (Department of Physics & Technology-University of Bergen)   (G-001)
15:30 --- Coffee ---
Plenary - Tomas Brauner (University of Stavanger) (until 17:45) (G-001)
16:00 Recent results on lattice QCD thermodynamics - Claudia Ratti (University of Houston)   (G-001)
17:00 Probes of the Electroweak Phase Transition and Baryogenesis at the LHC - Jose Miguel No (University of Sussex)   (G-001)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Parallel Track 1 - Dietrich Bödeker (Bielefeld University) (until 15:30) (Ø-110)
13:30 Dijet production as a probe of dense partonic system - Krzysztof Kutak (Instytut Fizyki Jadrowej Polskiej Akademii Nauk)   (Ø-110)
14:00 Event-by-event picture for the medium-induced jet evolution - Dr Edmond Iancu (IPhT Saclay)   (Ø-110)
14:30 Energy Loss in Unstable Quark-Gluon Plasma - Stanislaw Mrowczynski (Jan Kochanowski University)   (Ø-110)
15:00 Thermal contributions to the soft dijet function - Konrad Tywoniuk (CERN)   (Ø-110)
Parallel Track 2 -Prof. Anton Rebhan (Technische Universität Wien) (until 15:30) (Ø-120)
13:30 Semi-holography for heavy ion collisions - Mr Florian Preis (Technische Universität Wien)   (Ø-120)
14:00 Monitoring shock wave collisions with non local observables - Stefan Stricker (TU Wien)   (Ø-120)
14:30 Collisions in Non-conformal Theories: Hydrodynamization without Equilibration - maximilian attems (University of Barcelona)   (Ø-120)
15:00 Thermalization of Schwinger-Keldysh correlation functions in hologrpahy - Ayan Mukhopadhyay (Vienna University of Technology)   (Ø-120)
Parallel Track 3 - Julien Serreau (Université Paris Diderot) (until 15:30) (Ø-130)
13:30 The effects of higher order truncations in the 2PI description of phase transitions - Gergely Marko (MTA-ELTE Statistical and Biological Physics Research Group)   (Ø-130)
14:00 Non-equilibrium dynamics of inhomogeneous quantum fields - Thomas Garratt (Julius-Maximilians Universitaet Wuerzburg)   (Ø-130)
14:30 Renormalization of $\phi^4$-theory in the 2PI Hartree approximation scheme for non-vanishing background field - Christoph Groß (Julius-Maximilians Universität Würzburg)   (Ø-130)
15:00 Next-to-leading order nPI calculations in scalar theories - Margaret Carrington (Brandon University)   (Ø-130)
15:30 --- Coffee ---
16:00 --- IAC Meeting (IAC members only) ---
Public talk (until 18:00) (G-001)
12:45 --- Lunch ---
Parallel Track 1 - Jens Oluf Andersen (until 15:45) (Ø-110)
13:45 Baryons across the deconfinement transition - Gert Aarts (Swansea University)   (Ø-110)
14:15 Dense 2-colour QCD towards the continuum limit - Jon-Ivar Skullerud (National University of Ireland Maynooth)   (Ø-110)
14:45 QCD critical point and thermal photons - Akihiko Monnai (Institut de Physique Théorique, CNRS/CEA)   (Ø-110)
15:15 Equation of state of QCD from analytical continuation - Attila Pasztor (Wuppertal University)   (Ø-110)
Parallel Track 2 - Aleksi Vuorinen (until 15:45) (Ø-120)
13:45 Quantum inferference in showering: LPM effect for sequential bremsstrahlung - Peter Arnold (University of Virginia)   (Ø-120)
14:15 Perturbative study of the QCD phase diagram for heavy quarks at nonzero chemical potential - Julien Serreau (Université Paris Diderot)   (Ø-120)
14:45 scale invariant resummed perturbation at finite temperature - Jean-Loic Kneur (Univ Montpellier)   (Ø-120)
15:15 Towards a high statistics analysis of quarkonium at T>0 using NRQCD on realistic Nf=2+1 HISQ lattices - Dr Alexander Rothkopf (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University)   (Ø-120)
Parallel Track 3 - Mikko Sakari Laine (Universitaet Bern (CH)) (until 15:45) (Ø-130)
13:45 Active and sterile neutrino dynamics below the electroweak crossover - Jacopo Ghiglieri (Universitaet Bern (CH))   (Ø-130)
14:15 Decay Rate of Right-Handed Neutrinos in Light of Collective Excitations at Electroweak Scale - Dr Kohtaroh Miura (CPT, Aix-Marseille Universite)   (Ø-130)
14:45 Leptogenesis and gravity: baryon asymmetry without decays - Mr Jamie McDonald (Swansea University)   (Ø-130)
15:15 Leptogenesis in GeV seesaw models with large mixing angles - Mr Juraj Klaric (Technische Universität München)   (Ø-130)
15:45 --- Coffee ---
18:00 --- Excursion and dinner ---
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Parallel Track 1 - Peter Arnold (University of Virginia) (until 15:30) (Ø-110)
13:30 Rapid thermal co-annihilation through bound states - Mikko Laine (U. Bern)   (Ø-110)
14:00 Standard Model thermodynamics across the electroweak crossover - Manuel Meyer (Universität Bern)   (Ø-110)
14:30 Thermal Gravitino Production due to Bremsstrahlung and Annihilation Processes - Prof. Çağlar Doğan (Istanbul University)   (Ø-110)
15:00 Confinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking from an ensemble of interacting Instanton-dyons(monopoles) in SU(2) QCD - Rasmus Larsen (Stony Brook University)   (Ø-110)
Parallel Track 2 - Edmond Iancu (CEA/IRFU,Centre d'etude de Saclay Gif-sur-Yvette (FR)) (until 15:30) (Ø-120)
13:30 Standard Model vacuum decay and non-minimal coupling. - Stephen Stopyra (Imperial College London)   (Ø-120)
14:00 Non Perturbative Renormalization Group for scalar fields in de Sitter space - Maxime Guilleux (Université Paris Diderot)   (Ø-120)
14:30 Self-consistent solitons for tunneling transitions - Prof. Björn Garbrecht (TU München)   (Ø-120)
15:00 High temperature non-Abelian chiral instabilities in a lattice effective field theory - Dr Alexander Rothkopf (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Heidelberg University)   (Ø-120)
Parallel Track 3 - Gert Aarts (Swansea University) (until 15:30) (Ø-130)
13:30 Study of the chiral phase transition with vector and axial-vector mesons in an extended linear sigma model within the functional renormalization group approach - Jürgen Eser (Goethe-University Frankfurt)   (Ø-130)
14:00 Chiral symmetry restoration from the hadronic regime - Angel Gomez Nicola (Universidad Complutense Madrid)   (Ø-130)
14:30 Complex Langevin Dynamics for a Random Matrix Model of QCD at finite density - Dr Savvas Zafeiropoulos (Goethe University of Frankfurt)   (Ø-130)
15:00 Symmetry breaking restoration by acceleration - ANTONIO DOBADO GONZALEZ   (Ø-130)
15:30 --- Coffee ---
Parallel Track 1 - jose Miguel No (until 18:00) (Ø-110)
16:00 Gravitational waves as a probe of the electroweak phase transition - Germano Nardini (DESY)   (Ø-110)
16:30 Gravitational waves from the phase transition of a nonlinearly realised electroweak symmetry - Jason Tsz Shing Yue (University of Sydney)   (Ø-110)
17:00 Analytic gravitational wave spectrum from bubble collisions - Masahiro Takimoto (KEK)   (Ø-110)
17:30 Simulating a first-order electroweak phase transition - David Weir (University of Stavanger)   (Ø-110)
Parallel Track 2 - Raju Venugopalan (Brookhaven National Laboratory) (until 18:00) (Ø-120)
16:00 Real-time dynamics of the Chiral Magnetic Effect - Niklas Mueller (Heidelberg University)   (Ø-120)
16:30 Far-from-equilibrium universality classes: From heavy-ion collisions to superfluid scalar systems - Kirill Boguslavski (University of Heidelberg)   (Ø-120)
17:00 Simulating thick pancake collisions - Andreas Ipp (TU Wien)   (Ø-120)
17:30 Early quark production and approach to chemical equilibrium - Dr Daniil Gelfand (Vienna University of Technology)   (Ø-120)
Parallel Track 3 - Andreas Schmitt (University of Southampton) (until 18:00) (Ø-130)
16:00 Chiral magnetic effect and chiral kinetic theory - Dr Shi Pu (Institute for Theoretical Physics, Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main)   (Ø-130)
16:30 Chiral magnetic effect by synthetic gauge fields - Dr Tomoya Hayata (Chuo University)   (Ø-130)
17:00 Quark matter and neutron stars - Aleksi Vuorinen   (Ø-130)
17:30 Superfluid vortices in dense quark matter - Andreas Windisch (Washington University in St Louis)   (Ø-130)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
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