The International Workshop of Medical Physics on PET Developments and Applications was held from September 6th to September 8th 2015 in the Ohrid Congress Centre in Macedonia.  Ohrid is a town in Southwestern Macedonia on the shore of Lake Ohrid. Nestled between high mountains up to 2,800 m and Lake Ohrid, it is not only a place of historic significance but also of outstanding natural beauty. Lake Ohrid is straddling the mountainous border between the southwestern region of the Republic of Macedonia and eastern Albania. It is the deepest (286 m) lake of the Balkan Peninsula. Its picturesque setting and good beaches, fishing but also of great cultural significance with medieval Church of Saint Naum on the southern edge where two Byzantine Brothers Klement and Naum, disciples of Cyril and Methodius have codified the first script for the Macedonian Slavs and named it “Cyrillic“. The birthplace of Cyrillic alphabet is attributed to these monks and the city of Ohrid. During the first day we introduced the Medical Imaging methods and devices. Second day was devoted to PET camera and hybrid systems. During third day we got together diverse applications of PET with Radiation Protection, PET in Hadrontherapy and some cutting edge developments.

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VENUE In fact we arrived in Ohrid Congress Centre Saturday evening September 5th until Wednesday morning September 9th. For participants arriving by Skopje airport it was organized transportation by a special bus toward Ohrid within about 3 hours.  Accommodation was foreseen for everybody (all participants including lecturers) in Ohrid Conference Center from Saturday night to Wednesday morning. Despite some problems due to apparently some overlap with other conference  participants who had lentghened their stay, solutions were found. Rooms were single or twin rooms.

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