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Mar 6 – 12, 2016
Costa da Caparica, Portugal
Europe/Lisbon timezone

Social Activities, meals and Free Time - UPDATED

We will have extended 4h lunch breaks from 12:30 to 16:30.

The break is free and there is no organized lunch or tea during this break.

The hotel is in front of an Atlantic beach ~20 km long, with a seawall in the urban area and a natural coastline to the south, including a fresh water lagoon, ideal for trekking, surfing and other open air activities.

North we have the large estuary of the Tejo river.

South of the beach you find a beautiful cape, Cabo Espichel, cliffs ideal for climbing, and a small mountain natural park with sub -tropical climate in its south face.

For those who want to brave the Atlantic,  we arranged for surf lessons at 10 € per person (not included in the fee) during the break.


Thursday 10/03/16 at 20:00 we will have our social dinner

(included in the fee) at the iconic restaurant 'Barbas', owned by a football fan,



Other dinners, from 06/03/16 to 11/03/16,

are by default included in the hotel bill  (12 € ; those in the hotel not wanting dinner and those not in the hotel wanting dinner can tell us in the registration form)

  • 06/03/16 /arrival day from 20:30 to 22:00
  • 07/03/16 , at 20:30
  • 08/03/16, at 20:30
  • 09/03/16 , at 20:00
  • 11/03/16, at 20:00

the dinners (drinks not included,  3 € for drinks) will consist of 

  • either soup or salad as a first course
  • main course, either fresh fish or 'bacalhau' (sun dried salted codfish)
  • vegetables (including either potato or rice) to accompany the main course
  • dessert

There will be two coffee breaks

at 10:30 and at 18:00 (included in the fee), with cookies and drinks,

please remember to drink /eat during the long 4 h break, there are 7h between the cofee breaks.