Mar 21 – 24, 2009
Huazhong (Central China) Normal University, Wuhan, China
Asia/Chongqing timezone
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Scientific Program

The main purpose of the second workshop is to present, review and discuss the various ongoing and future activities performed by Chinese and French scientists within the FCPPL framework. These activities will be put into context by a few review talks at the beginning of each session. Moreover, throughout this workshop, discussions between scientists from both countries will foster and reinforce the cooperation as well as develop further cooperation. The following topics will be covered in the workshop:
  • Experiments at LHC, present, future and related theory

  • Tau, Charm physics, experiment and theory

  • Computing Grid

  • ILC scientific program, Accelerator R&D, associated theoretical research

  • Experimental and theoretical researches in astroparticle and in cosmology