1-2 February 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone

Social Events


During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to visit several of CERNs installations featuring COTS based interlock/protection systems and have more in-depth discussion with the system experts. You are invited to use the link at the bottom of this page to sign up for a maximum of three visits (avg. 5-8 participants per visit group).

Visit #1: CCC/CCR - Operational aspects of PLC/COTS based protection systems

Visit to the CERN Control Center, with a focus on the operation and SCADA systems of the LHC magnet powering system. The discussion will address the stages and special phases of comissioning and operation of the protection systems as well as higher level software such as the LHC sequencer, Software Interlocks, automated analysis tools and connections to standard controls services such as Post Mortem and Logging Systems. 


Visit #2: CERN Meyrin bld. 271 - PS Access System Test Platform

A test stand comprising a copy of control room infrastructure including the operator consoles, a complete access point with airlocks, biometry scan etc. and a PLC installation equivalent to a full access zone. The test platform is equipped with a Siemens Simba module which provides an easy way of emulating the presence of all on-site hardware. Used to thoroughly test the PLC code before deployment, as well as to reproduce reported errors and test new ideas.


Visit #3: Meyrin and Linac4 or HIE-ISOLDE installation- PLC based magnet interlock systems

Visit to one of the accelerators in the CERN injector complex (HIE-ISOLDE), demonstrating the implementation of a generic hardware and software solution used for protection of more than 2000 normal conducting magnets in the CERN accelerator complex. The visit will provide insights into the HW design, phyiscal installation in the field as well as the operation of the interlock systems by the operation crews and equipment experts throughout commissioning and machine operation phases.


Visit #4: Prevessin Site - LHC Beam dumping system

Visit to the LHC pulse generator test-bench of CERN’s Accelerator Beam Transfer Group, responsible amongst others for the safety critical LHC Beam Dumping System. This pulse generator stores the energy in big capacitors and pulses a dump kicker magnet to safely extract the circulating beam to an external beam absorber block. The visit will illustrate the use of COTS (PLCs, industrial PC & digitizers) combined with custom made electronics and high level analysis software to ensure the required safety of the overall system. The test-bench is housed in a high voltage test cage which is equipped with PLCs to ensure personal safety, additionally this will be illustrated.


Visit #5: SM18 - LHC magnet test bench and cryogenics installation for LHC P18

Visit of the LHC magnet test bench with a safety integrated system (SIS) developed as a protection system as a follow up of the two presentations on risk analysis and formal verification for industrial installations. Visit of an LHC installation and cabinets containing cryo PLCs of the surface installation in P18, complemented with an overview of a large installation control system: architecture, controls, quality assurance,… 


Visit #6: CERN Meyrin Building 1153 - SMART interface

Visit of a water monitoring station based on the use of a SMART-Interface. On site  you will see an example of an implementation of a SMART-Interface for both the hardware and the software aspects, the various interfaced devices, as well as the specific process control of the water station and the SCADA with measurement data and the HMI. A users representative will also be available on site to speak about the advantages for the HSE Unit to use such a versatile SMART-Interface to control their environmental monitoring stations and to answer questions.



Workshop Dinner

Furthermore you are invited to join the Workshop Dinner, which will take place on Monday, 1st February, as of 7pm. The location will be communicated at a later stage (depending on availability). Please note that the dinner is at the participants' expense.



Please use the following link to sign up for a maximum of 3 visits and to let us know whether you are planning to participate in the workshop dinner.