Invisibles16 Workshop

Orto Botanico, Padova, Italy

Orto Botanico, Padova, Italy


Invisibles16 is organized in the context of the H2020 funded ELUSIVES ITN (674896- Elusives - H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015) and InvisiblesPlus (690575 - InvisiblesPlus -H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015) which focuses on Neutrino, Dark Matter and CPV physics and their connections, and more generally on physics beyond the Standard Model of Particle Physics. It is the fifth thematic workshop in the series initiated in connection with the past FP7 INT INVISIBLES.

The Workshop will take place in Padova from September 12 to September 16 2016. The Invisibles16 School will take place the week before (Sep 05-09, 2016) at SISSA, in Trieste, Italy.

The focus of the workshop will be on Neutrinos, Dark Matter and LHC Physics and the role of CP Violation in these sectors:

  • Invisibles in Neutrinos: CPV and Majorana character
  • Invisibles meets DM&CPV: DM and Axion searches
  • Invisibles at LHC: Flavour and BSM at Colliders

Notice: Talks are by invitation only, except for PhD students who are encouraged to apply for a brief plenary talk plus a poster presentation.

Notice: Very few slots for PhD student brief plenary talks are still available. DEADLINE for PhD talks application is 15 June 2016.

Participation fees

Student fee 250 Euros
Early fee 300 Euros
Late fee 350 Euros

The fees include all lunches, a welcome cocktail, the social dinner and a guided visit to the beautiful "Orto Botanico" of the University of Padova. 

Welcome Cocktail
It will take place at lunch time, 1pm, on Monday Sept. 12, at the Orto Botanico. Please warn us if your accompanying person wishes to attend it and we will provide a temporary pass.

Orto Botanico, guided visit
The Orto Botanico - Giardino delle Biodiversità - is one of the most celebrated botanical gardens in the world (founded in 1545 a.c.). The guided visit will take place on Wednesday around 3pm (after lunch). Your accompanying people are welcome to join, buying the ticket at the entrance.

Scrovegni Chapel
The chapel
("Cappella degli Scrovegni") located in central Padova contains a magnificent fresco cycle by Giotto which is one of the main masterpieces of Western art. We may try to organise some visits if at all possible, although very few visitors are allowed daily. The visit cost is 8 euros.


Important Dates

15 April 2016 Opening of the registration
30 June 2016 Deadline for early registration
08 July 2016 Registration closed
12 Sep 2016 Workshop starting date


Although automatic registration is provisionally closed due to the unforeseen large number of registrants, tentative registrations are still possible using this web page: they will be included  in a WAITING LIST. Acceptances will be notified as soon as cancellations happen. If you register now, DO NOT perform the payment without our explicit confirmation of acceptance for the workshop.  We apologize deeply for the inconvenience caused by closing registration much earlier than initially announced.


Scientific Organising Committee Local Organising Committee
De Simone Andrea (SISSA) Capozzi Francesco (U. of Padova)
Gavela Belen (U. Autonoma of Madrid) Del Nobile Eugenio (U. of Padova)
Hernandez Pilar (U. of Valencia) Feruglio Ferruccio (U. of Padova)
Murayama Hitoshi (IPMU) Hierro Ignacio (INFN of Padova)
Pascoli Silvia (UDUR) Kanshin Kirill (U. of Padova)
Petcov Serguey (SISSA) Paradisi Paride (U. of Padova)
Raffelt Georg (MPI München)) Passera Massimo (INFN of Padova)
Rigolin Stefano (U. of Padova) - Chair Pattori Andrea (U. Zurich)
Scholberg Kate (Duke U.) Pietroni Massimo (INFN of Padova)
Wang Yifang (IHEP) Pobbe Federico (U. of Padova)
  Rigolin Stefano (U. of Padova) - Chair
  Vecchi Luca (U. of Padova)



Invisibles16 events announcement is available here

  • Alejandro Jenkins
  • Alessandro Strumia
  • Alessio Notari
  • Alexandra Carvalho
  • Alexis Plascencia
  • Ana M. Teixeira
  • Andrea Caputo
  • Andrea Pattori
  • Andres Olivares del Campo
  • Andrew Cheek
  • Andrew Cohen
  • Andrew Kobach
  • Anirban Das
  • Antonio Marrone
  • Antonio Racioppi
  • Arsenii Titov
  • Asmaa Abada
  • Aurora Meroni
  • Barry Barish
  • Belen Gavela
  • Cedric Weiland
  • Chaimae EL AISATI
  • Chiara Brofferio
  • Chloe Ransom
  • Dario Gueter
  • Davide Racco
  • Devin Walker
  • Dipyaman Pramanik
  • Dominick Cichon
  • Edoardo Vitagliano
  • Elena Pavan
  • Elena Perdomo Mendez
  • Elisa Garrrido
  • Elisabetta Furlan
  • Emiliano Molinaro
  • Enrique Fernandez-Martinez
  • Eros Cazzato
  • Eugenio Del Nobile
  • Eung Jin Chun
  • Federica Petricca
  • Federico Pobbe
  • Ferruccio Feruglio
  • Fiona Kirk
  • Florian Goertz
  • Francesco Capozzi
  • Fuminobu Takahashi
  • Gabriela Barenboim
  • Georg Raffelt
  • Geraldine Servant
  • Giovanni Villadoro
  • Giuseppe Iacobellis
  • Gonzalo Alonso
  • Graciela Gemini
  • Gulden Othman
  • Gustavo C. Branco
  • Hajime Fukuda
  • Ignacio Izaguirre
  • Ignacio Miguel Hierro Rodríguez
  • Ilaria Brivio
  • Jack Richings
  • Jae Hyeok Chang
  • Jean Orloff
  • Jens Niemeyer
  • Jessica Turner
  • Joerg Jaeckel
  • Jordi Salvado
  • Jose Miguel No
  • Josu Hernandez
  • José M. Gracia-Bondía
  • Julia Gehrlein
  • Julia Stadler
  • Kalliopi Petraki
  • Kirill Kanshin
  • Kristian Moffat
  • Laura Covi
  • Laura Lopez Honorez
  • Laura Paulina Sinkunaite
  • Luca Marzola
  • Luca Merlo
  • Luca Vecchi
  • Malte Buschmann
  • Manibrata Sen
  • Marco Laveder
  • Maria Concepcion Gonzalez-Garcia
  • Maria Spriopulu
  • Marta Losada
  • Martina Gerbino
  • Masha Baryakhtar
  • Massimiliano Lattanzi
  • Massimo Passera
  • Massimo Pietroni
  • Mateusz Duch
  • Matheus Hostert
  • Matthew Philip Mccullough
  • Mauro Mezzetto
  • Meshkat Rajaee
  • Michael Gustafsson
  • Michele Frigerio
  • Michele Lucente
  • Michele Redi
  • Nicholas Jennings
  • Nick Prouse
  • Nicolas Angelides
  • Nuno Rosa Agostinho
  • Nuria Rius
  • Olcyr Sumensari
  • Olga Mena
  • Oliver Buchmueller
  • Pablo Quílez
  • Paride Paradisi
  • Patricia Fernandez de Lis
  • Pedro Machado
  • Peter Ballett
  • Piero Ullio
  • Pilar Hernandez
  • Prabhjot Singh
  • Pszczel Damian
  • pyungwon ko
  • Rebeca Bello
  • Renata Zukanovich Funchal
  • Richard Ruiz
  • Rocío del Rey Bajo
  • Rodrigo Alonso De Pablo
  • Rupert Coy
  • Sandhya Choubey
  • Sara Saa
  • Sarif Khan
  • Sebastian Hoof
  • Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
  • Serguey Petcov
  • Silvia Capelli
  • Stefan Clementz
  • Stefano Rigolin
  • Stephen Parke
  • Steve King
  • Takaaki Kajita
  • Takeshi Kobayashi
  • Thomas Neder
  • Thomas Schwetz-Mangold
  • Tien-Tien Yu
  • Tiina Timonen
  • Tongyan Lin
  • Tony Gherghetta
  • TseChun Wang
  • Tsuyoshi Nakaya
  • Valentina De Romeri
  • Waleed Abdallah
  • Xabier Marcano
  • Y. Jack Ng
  • Yasaman Farzan
  • Ye-Ling Zhou
  • Yuber F Perez G
  • Yun Zhang
  • Zach Greene
  • Álvaro Hernández
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