Sep 7 – 11, 2009
Europe/Zurich timezone

List of posters

The poster application is closed by now.
Posters of the first group (A) will be displayed in the hall on Monday-Tuesday, those of the second group (B) on Wednesday-Thursday.

Poster list A: Monday and Tuesday

Topics: fundamental cosmology, modified gravity, extra dimensions, dark energy, dark matter, particle astrophysics...

A1 Antonio Cardoso Singularities in loop quantum cosmology
A2 Katherine Jones-Smith Relativistic Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics
A3 Eri Mena Noncommutative Cosmological Solutions
A4 Kunihito Uzawa Dynamical solutions of intersecting brane system
A5 Mafalda Dias On the possibility of quintessential inflation in a 5-D braneworld
A6 Jorge Horvath The fate of black holes accreting dark energy
A7 Blaise Gouteraux Einstein Gauss-Bonnet metrics: Black holes, black strings, and a staticity theorem
A8 Parvin Moyassari Cosmology in Cascading Gravity Model
A9 Seoktae Koh Gravitational wave spectrum in Horava-Lifshitz gravity
A10 Masato Minamitsuji Classification of cosmological evolutions in Horava-type gravity
A11 Keisuke Izumi No static star solution in Horava gravity
A12 Fabio P Silva A Galileon Cosmology
A13 Zahara Girones Cosmological data analysis of f(R) gravity models
A14 Berni Thushari Magnitude Redshift relation in the Brans Dicke model: constrains from BBN
A15 Nelson Nunes Inflation and dark energy from three-forms
A16 Joel Weller Coupled quintessence in the early universe
A17 Chan-Gyung Park Can we ignore dark energy perturbations in dynamical dark energy models?
A18 Houri Ziaeepour The role of dark mater in the condensation of dark energy
A19 Julio Fabris Power spectrum constraints to the Chaplygin gas model
A20 Jan Hamann Features in the primordial spectrum?
A21 Min Prasad Khanal The Cosmological Constant with a new dark matter model
A22 Fuminobu Takahashi Wino Dark Matter with R-parity breaking and Cosmic-ray anomalies
A23 Maresuke Shiraishi Constraints on neutrino masses in the lepton asymmetric universe
A24 Seodong Shin Singlet Fermionic Dark Matter in the age of discovery
A25 Osamu Seto Right-handed sneutrino dark matter by solving mu problem
A26 Masakazu Sano Wrapped brane gas as a candidate for Dark Matter
A27 Kazunori Nakayama Cosmological and astrophysical signatures of dark matter annihilation
A28 Marius Solberg Minimal antiproton, positron and $\gamma$-ray fluxes from dark matter annihilations
A29 Yue Lin Tsai Constraints on dark matter density from Fermi mid-lattitude data
A30 Tomo Takahashi Gravitino Dark Matter and Non-Gaussianity
A31 Carroll Wainwright The Impact of a Strongly First-Order Phase Transition on the Abundance of Thermal Relics
A32 Jong-Chul Park Dirac gaugino as leptophilic dark matter
A33 Hiroyuki Ishida Low energy CP violation in $\nu$ sector and baryogenesis via sterile $\nu$ oscillation
A34 Ho Ming Mok Solution to Cosmological Constant Problem with Discrete Spacetime at Electroweak Scale
A35 Raghavan Rangarajan Gravitino Production During Reheating and Implications for Leptogenesis
A36 Matti Herranen Baryogenesis with coherent quantum reflections

Poster list B: Wednesday and Thursday

Topics: inflation, cosmological perturbations, non-gaussianity, non-linear evolution, inhomogeneous universe, CMB, parameter extraction, lensing, other astrophysical observations...

B1 Koushik Dutta Tribrid Inflation in Supergravity
B2 Jiajun Xu Inflation in the Cosmic Landscape
B3 Marcos Carvalho Brum Inflationary Cosmology in a Scalar-Tensor Theory of Gravitation
B4 Tomohiro Matsuda Remote inflation
B5 Soo A Kim Nflation: Observational predictions with several different mass spectra
B6 Ely Kovetz Cosmological Imprints of Pre-Inflationary Particles
B7 Jose Fonseca Observational Predictions for the Curvaton
B8 Shinta Kasuya Extremely blue-tilted spectrum of axion isocurvature fluctuations
B9 Jai-chan Hwang Infrared divergence of pure Einstein gravity contributions to density power spectrum
B10 Yuko Urakawa Influence on observation from IR divergence during inflation
B11 Adam Christopherson Vorticity Generation in Cosmological Perturbation Theory
B12 Mindaugas Karciauskas The Curvature Perturbations from Vector Fields
B13 Zhiqi Huang Non-Gaussian Spikes from Chaotic Billiards in Inflation Preheating
B14 Troels Haugboelle Non-Gaussianity from Axion Monodromy Inflation
B15 Shuichiro Yokoyama Primordial Non-Gaussianity in Models with Dark Matter Isocurvature Fluctuations
B16 Yuichi Takamizu Non-Gaussianity beyond delta-N
B17 Tsz Yam Lam Halo mass function and primordial non-Gaussianity: Excursion set approach
B18 Takashi Hiramatsu Non-linear evolution of matter power spectrum in a closure theory
B19 Marina Seikel Supernova data as a probe of backreaction effects
B20 Juan Carlos Hidalgo Statistics of blobs with initial curvature profile: the case of PBHs
B21 Rockhee Sung Cold Spots in Anisotropic Open Universes
B22 Wessel Valkenburg The CMB in a Swiss-Cheese universe
B23 Amanda Yoho Testing the Isotropy of the Universe's Geometry
B24 Graziano Rossi Peak Statistics in the WMAP Sky: Non-Gaussianity?
B25 Atsushi Naruko Non-Gaussianity in the CMB temperature fluctuations from Cosmic Strings
B26 Pravabati Chingangbam Genus topology of simulated non-Gaussian CMB maps with cubic order perturbations
B27 Guido D'Amico Sachs-Wolfe at second order: the CMB bispectrum on large angular scales
B28 Jude Bowyer Unambiguous CMB B-mode separation
B29 Lauranne Fauvet Study of the polarized galactic emissions for the analysis of the PLANCK CMB data
B30 Aurelien Fraisse Improving Polarized Dust Emission Models for CMB Polarization Studies
B31 S. Moskaliuk CMB Polarization Effects
B32 Scott Burger Impact of Artificial Neural Network Training Sets on Cosmological Parameters
B33 Charles Shapiro Delensing Gravitational Wave Standard Sirens with Shear and Flexion Maps
B34 Valerio Marra TurboGL: stochastic modelling of cumulative weak lensing
B35 Camille Bonvin Effect of peculiar motion in weak lensing
B36 Emma Beynon Weak lensing in modified gravities
B37 Daniel Thomas A String Revolver: rotation of background galaxies as a smoking gun for cosmic strings
B38 Marek Biesiada Cosmic Equation of State from Strong Lensing Systems
B39 Christopher Gordon Forecasted 21 cm constraints on compensated isocurvature perturbations
B40 Ganna Ivashchenko Correlation function of quasars from SDSS DR7 and redshift-space distortions
B41 Ryo Saito Probing the abundance of primordial black holes with gravitational wave observations
B42 Abdalla Almohammad Light curve analysis for short period binary star MM Hercules