Physics&Computing Russian Institutes meeting

SINP MSU, Moscow

SINP MSU, Moscow

    • 11:00 11:15
      Status of BINP work in ATLAS Computing 15m
      Speaker: Alexey Anisenkov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (RU))
    • 11:15 11:30
      Developments in ATLAS Supercomputing and Production system 15m
      Speaker: Ruslan Mashinistov (Russian Academy of Sciences (RU))
    • 11:30 11:45
      Last Heavy Ion Results 15m
      Speaker: Evgeny Shulga (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU))
    • 11:45 12:00
      ITEP and LAr/Physics Phase-II Upgrade 15m
      Speaker: Ilya Tsukerman (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (ITEP))
    • 12:00 12:15
      Search for high mass Higgs boson in H→WW→lνlν channel in Run2 15m
      Speaker: Aleksandr Gavriliuk (ITEP Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics (RU))
    • 12:15 14:00
      lunch 1h 45m
    • 14:00 14:15
      Performance properties of B+/- events in ATLAS at 13 TeV pp collisions at the LHC 15m
      Speaker: Artem Maevskiy (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU))
    • 14:15 14:30
      Preparations for analysis of Bs->(J/psi phi) decay on Run 2 data 15m
      Speaker: Vladimir Nikolaenko (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
    • 14:30 14:45
      New theoretical predictions for processes pp-> Z/gamma+heavy flavour jets 15m
      Speaker: Gennady Lykasov (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))
    • 14:45 15:00
      Measurement of Pentaquarks with hidden charm at ATLAS 15m
      Speaker: Vladimir Lyubushkin (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))
    • 15:00 15:15
      Prospects for charm and beauty exotic measurements 15m
      Speaker: Leonid Gladilin (M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU))
    • 15:15 15:30
      Z vertex form factor with Z->l^+l^-\gamma process (update) 15m
      Speaker: Evgenii Baldin (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (RU))
    • 15:30 15:45
      Standard model electroweak measurements with ATLAS detector by MEPhI group 15m
      Speaker: Dimitrii Krasnopevtsev (National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (RU))
    • 15:45 16:00
      WW/WZ semileptonic production at 8 TeV 15m
      Speaker: Sanya Solodkov (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
    • 16:00 16:20
      Coffee break 20m
    • 16:20 16:35
      Serch for Long-Range Non-radially Symmetric Correlations between Jets and Charged Particles 15m
      Speaker: Andrei Minaenko (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
    • 16:35 16:50
      Bose-Einsten Femtoscopy, proton structure and a "Pomeron" size. 15m
      Speaker: Valery Chtcheguelski (B.P. Konstantinov Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute - PNPI ()
    • 16:50 17:05
      An infinite cone jet algorithm for identification of boosted W/Z/H 15m
      Speaker: Oleg Zenin (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
    • 17:05 17:20
      Status of the diboson resonances search in lnuqq and llqq decays on 13 TeV data 15m
      Speaker: Evgeniya Cheremushkina (Institute for High Energy Physics (RU))
    • 17:20 17:35
      SUSY searches in 1-lepton+jets+MET channel 15m
      Speaker: Evgeny Khramov (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))
    • 17:35 17:50
      Exotics searches in dilepton channel at ATLAS in 2015 15m
      Speaker: Ivan Yeletskikh (Joint Inst. for Nuclear Research (RU))
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