ALICE Tier-1/Tier-2 Workshop

Bjarte Kileng (Bergen University College (NO)), Håvard Helstrup (Department of Physics and Technology), Latchezar Betev (CERN)

The Sixth Annual ALICE Tier-1/Tier-2 Workshop will take place in Bergen, hosted by the Bergen University College.

Bergen, Norway's second-largest city with 250 thousand inhabitants, is located on western coast of the country.  It is known as 'The city among the seven mountains' and is Norway's busiest seaport. It is also a renowned centre of higher education and research. The workshop will be hosted by Bergen University College and will take place in the new Kronstad campus.

Registration deadline: Friday, April 8th, 2016

Cash payment: We strongly prefer participants to pay with credit card, using the link to the left. If this is impossible for you, please send all registration info by email to, and we will register you manually. You then need to bring cash payment (NOK 1800) in Norwegian currency at the conference start.


Bergen UNESCO Bryggen wharf (

Since the beginning of Run2, in one year ALICE has accumulated as much p-p and Pb-Pb data as in the entire Run 1. This presents unique challenges to the data processing and analysis on the Grid, most notably in optimization of storage and reconstruction/analysis software. The capacity and load on the Grid resources continue to grow with the habitual 20% per annum and these must be used in a fashion allowing ALICE to achieve all of its physics goals. The workshop will focus on resource optimization, new methods of site operations and new middleware solutions, as well as on networking status and security. Thee will be a special session on the ALICE upgrade for Run3 on the second day. The workshop will continue the tradition of open information exchange between Grid site administrators, Grid software and networking experts.

  • Andrey Zarochentsev
  • Janusz Oleniacz
  • Latchezar Betev
  • Sang Un Ahn