HEP Software Foundation Workshop

Amphiteatre Pierre Leman (LAL)

Amphiteatre Pierre Leman


Domaine Universitaire Bat. 200 B.P. 34 91898 Orsay Cedex France See <a href=http://www.lal.in2p3.fr/-Getting-to-LAL,87-?lang=en target=_howtogetthere>how to get there</a> and <a href=https://indico.cern.ch/event/496146/attachments/1233570/1874040/From_RER_stations_to_LAL.png target=_access_map>access map</a>

The HEP Software Foundation had its first formative workshop at SLAC in January 2015. That workshop led to the establishment of HSF activity areas in the topics of greatest community interest identified at the workshop, with an organization following the model of a community-driven "do-ocracy". Since then, these activities have developed and new opportunities present themselves.

The HSF held its second workshop May 2-4 2016 at LAL in Orsay (near Paris, France), with two main elements. The first element, following SLAC, was a plenary gathering with talks and discussion on progress to date and future plans, how to garner greater participation, new initiatives and projects, and guest speakers from the open software community. The second element consisted of focused mini-workshops and hackathons, in areas of current or potential HSF activity that are of broad interest and relevance, with hands-on objectives.

Input on content was collected through a doodle poll.

Feel free to contact hep-sf-startup-team@googlegroups.com.if you have any question or suggestion.

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  • Alexei Klimentov
  • Amir Farbin
  • Andrea Formica
  • Andrea Valassi
  • Andrew Bohdan Hanushevsky
  • Andrew McNab
  • Andrey Ustyuzhanin
  • Antoine Perus
  • Ben Couturier
  • Benedikt Hegner
  • Benjamin Morgan
  • Daniela Remenska
  • Dario Menasce
  • David Lange
  • David Rohr
  • David Rousseau
  • David Smith
  • Eduardo Rodrigues
  • Elizabeth Sexton-Kennedy
  • Emil Obreshkov
  • Emilia Becheva
  • Eric Fede
  • Fabian Lambert
  • Farid Ould-Saada
  • Fedor Ratnikov
  • Fedor Ratnikov
  • Frank Gaede
  • Frederic Derue
  • Gilles Grasseau
  • Graeme Stewart
  • Grigori Rybkin
  • Hadrien Benjamin Grasland
  • Ian Fisk
  • Ivana Hrivnacova
  • James Catmore
  • Jean-Roch Vlimant
  • Jeff Templon
  • Jerome Odier
  • Jim Pivarski
  • John Harvey
  • Julius Hrivnac
  • Lorenzo Moneta
  • Luc Poggioli
  • Makoto Asai
  • Marc Verderi
  • Maria Girone
  • Markus Schulz
  • Martin Ritter
  • Michael David Sokoloff
  • Michel Jouvin
  • Michela Paganini
  • Olivier Iffrig
  • Paolo Calafiura
  • Patricia Mendez Lorenzo
  • Patrick Gartung
  • Pere Mato Vila
  • Peter Elmer
  • Philippe Gras
  • Roger Jones
  • Rogerio Iope
  • Sami Kama
  • Sergei Gleyzer
  • Shahzad Malik Muzaffar
  • Simone Campana
  • Steven Randolph Schramm
  • Torre Wenaus
  • Vincenzo Innocente
  • Xing-Tao Huang