Jul 7 – 8, 2016
Europe/Zurich timezone
LHCHXSWG preparatory meeting about the future of the group

      The LHC Higgs cross-section working group (HXSWG) was created in January 2010. The aim of this group was to produce agreements on cross sections, branching ratios and pseudo-observables relevant to SM and MSSM Higgs boson(s). In spring 2012, the group was restructured and new subgroups were added with the goal of discussing Higgs property/measurement and BSM extensions. Three CERN Reports have been completed, "Inclusive Observables" (CERN-2011- 002), "Differential Distributions" (CERN-2012-002), and "Higgs Properties" (CERN-2013-004). These achievements facilitated the comparison and combination of Higgs results at LHC since the beginning of the LHC physics program me. After 5 years of activities, our group has been reorganized in 2014 in order to prepare the future run at higher energy. The group is organized in three working groups: (1) cross-sections & branching ratios, (2) Higgs properties and (3) beyond the Standard Model. Each of these groups involve some task-force subgroups.

The fourth report is nearly ready. A draft if currently under review by all the participants of the workshop and can be accessed on CDS via the following links:

The purpose of this preparatory meeting is to trigger and prepare the discussion about the future of the group. The meeting will be organised in three sessions, each dedicated to meetings/discussions/presentations within each of the three working groups. There will be rooms available for people at CERN to meet in case, but we really encourage an organisation that maximizes the participation of the largest possible number of contributors with remotely accessible vidyo meetings. 

In anticipation of this meeting, everyone is encouraged to submit opinions/suggestions/proposal via the on-line survey: http://goo.gl/forms/tT0V9SpMNB

Registration for this event is currently open.