23-26 June 2009
IPNL, Building DIRAC, La Doua Campus, Lyon
Europe/Paris timezone

Internet Broadcast

An EVO room (named POSIPOL 2009) has been booked for the duration of the conference. It will be available to speakers who cannot make it to Lyon.

If you need to present your contribution from the outside, make sure you are registered with EVO at http://evo.caltech.edu/evoGate/. The conference password will be positron.

Speakers must  upload their presentation to this website in order for their presentation to be followed by the participants in the Amphi Dirac.

The speaker can also phone into EVO via a local number. See http://evo.caltech.edu/evoGate/telephone.jsp for the most appropriate number for you. The conference ID is 33268 and the pin code is 8338.

Note that outgoing broadcast from the conference is unlikely to be of useful quality.