Sep 26 – 27, 2016
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How can path breaking scientific R&D contribute to creating a thriving, sustainable innovation ecosystem? How to connect science, business and innovation?

Aalto and ESADE, on behalf of the ATTRACT Consortium ( organize a dedicated workshop to explore the above questions, in its efforts to find resources to contribute to new breakthrough innovation.

Symposium Scope

The scope is on European Research Infrastructures (ERIs) working on scientific instrumentation and collaborating with their partners (universities, research labs, industry). Given their scientific nature and long project life cycles, they provide a fertile ground for path breaking innovation. But how to connect exploratory research with immediate or shorter term societal needs?

Symposium Focus

The focus of the symposium is the use of design-thinking inspired education and business tools in international scientific environment, engaging cross-disciplinary MSc-level student teams.

The Challenge

  • The Symposium should address the following key questions:
  • How do ERIs currently engage MSc-students and industry in their research projects?
  • What are their future project plans?
  • How can students act as agents of innovation?
  • How can design-thinking inspired education programs contribute to innovation ecosystem(s)?
  • What do such programs look like? Do they scale?
  • What is the economics of student programs innovation ecosystem(s) – can one plan ahead and prepare?

The Symposium Format

The Symposium comprises invited talks from ERIs, and education establishments offering MSc-level education programs in innovation, business and entrepreneurship, inspired by design-thinking approach.


Limited number of places are available. Registration can be done below (see Registration). There is no participation fee.

International Organizing Committee

Kalevi Ekman (Aalto, Chair), Jonathan Wareham (ESADE), Sergio Bertolucci (Bologna) Local organizing committee and Secretariat: Martti Jerkku (Aalto), Lotta Hassi (ESADE), Markus Nordberg (CERN)


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