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The traditional soccer game of String Theory and Supergravity Workshops will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 22nd, 14.30-16.00 at Centro Sportivo Pro Patria, Viale Sarca 205, Milano, which is at walking distance from the conference venue (approx. 10 min).

The games will be played in 5 vs 5 indoor pitches. The fields are synthetic (no grass!), so you won’t be allowed to use spiked shoes (standard trainers are fine).

The names of the four teams are: Weyl, Majorana, Dirac and Symplectic Majorana.

Here the results of some of the past editions 

Workshops - Teams - Score

Stony Brook 1979 Space —Superspace: 7 - 1
Leuven 1995 D=4 - D=2: 4-2
London 1996 D=10 - D=11: 3-2
Berlin 2000 AdS - CFT: 7-11
Padova 2011 Wilson Loops - Scattering Amplitudes: 3 - 5
Leuven 2015 Bottom up - Top down: 7 - 2