Mar 21 – 24, 2017
Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ)
Europe/Berlin timezone

Venue and Last Minute Information

****** Conference telephone: 0049 (0)151 744 08 213 ******




Institute of Advanced Study, Technische Universität München <>

Lichtenbergstraße 2a, 85748 Garching near Munich, Germany

4th floor (Faculty Club): Registration and workshop venue

Groundfloor: Cloakroom (at the owner‘s risk)



The Conference Dinner is taking place at NEUWIRT  restaurant  < <> on Thursday, 23rd March at 7:00 pm. The restaurant is in walking distance to the hotels located in Garching.

FRM II -  Guided Tour : The guided tours are scheduled on Tuesday and on Friday afternoon at 4 respectively 1 pm.  Basically, they are limited to those who had registered for; however, if due to cancellations, there are free places, we are happy to offer them to workshop attendants, who still would like to join the tour.

Please note that  the following document is mandatory in order to be granted access to FRM II

  •  a valid identity card for European (Schengen) citizens respectively
  •  a valid  passport for Non-Schengen/Non-European citizens.

Please  kindly take note of the safety instructions ahead of the conference. You may sign the form on site.

Local transport: Airport – city of Garching (hotels) /research campus of Garching (Forschungzentrum Garching)

The most convenient and fastest way is by taxi. Cost about 35,00 to 40,00 €

By public transport

Please visit the journey planner on

ORIGIN " Airport Munich" 


  • "Garching, Forschungszentrum" for the workshop venue OR
  • "Garching" for the hotels.

In order to get to your hotel, you may choose the regional S8 via Ismaning and subsequent transport by bus OR  the regional S1 and subsequent transport by bus and underground via Neufahrn. Please see examples below. It's a journey of about 40 to 60 minutes.


Ticket: 6 stripes out of a Stripe-Ticket (10 stripes - which you might also use later during the conference)

Or a Single Day Ticket Outer Zones (6,60 €)