Oct 15 – 20, 2017
Europe/Paris timezone

Utilization of Trend Data for Reliable Delivery of a Treatment Beam

Oct 18, 2017, 4:00 PM
1h 30m


Poster Medical Accelerators 11- Poster Session


Mr Yohei Kanto (Accelerator Engineering Corporation)


Most important ingredients of reliability in particle-therapy accelerators like HIMAC are reproducibility of a treatment beam as well as prevention of unexpected down time.
In order to realize reliable operations of medical accelerators, we take trend data of many parameters. For example, water flow of magnets has been readjusted during biweekly maintenance according to recent trend data, so that we could prevent interlock by flow-meters.
Analyzing trend data in the long term may be more important and rewarding. It was known that a treatment beam has faint fluctuations in a beam position, as measured by beam monitors. Due to this fluctuation, correction of a position had to be frequently made by steering magnets. By taking long-term trends and analyzing them, we found that this fluctuation would have seasonal characteristic. Thus, we optimized parameters of the steering magnets to minimize the effect of the fluctuation, and hence eliminated frequently retuning.
This and other cases will be discussed in the present report, together with future prospects.

Primary author

Mr Yohei Kanto (Accelerator Engineering Corporation)


Mr Hiroshi Uchiyama (Accelerator Engineering Corporation) Mr Masahiro Kawashima (Accelerator Engineering Corporation) Mr Eiichi Takada (National Institute of Radiological Sciences) Mr Shinji Sato (National Institute of Radiological Sciences) Mr Yoshiyuki Iwata (National Institute of Radiological Sciences)

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