Oct 28 – 29, 2016
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
US/Eastern timezone

Scientific Program

The workshop will include presentations on recent experimental results and future experimental capabilities. Theory speakers will be asked to discuss qualitative and quantitative lessons from recent data and their implications for the approach to heavy-ion physics in the 2020's, especially in connection with the NP LRP goals. Particular topics are:

  • Recent results on jets and heavy flavor at RHIC -
  • Recent results on jets and heavy flavor at the LHC -
  • New experimental capabilities at RHIC in the 2020's
  • New experimental capabilities at the LHC in the 2020's
  • What do new data tell us about QGP transport coefficients?
  • What do we know about jet (sub-) structure in heavy-ion collisions?
  • What do we know about the medium response to jets?
  • What recent developments in pp jet technologies may be relevant for QGP studies?
  • What is the role of Monte-Carlo codes in heavy ion jet physics?
  • What are general principles for the design of jet observables?
  • What is the current understanding of Upsilon suppression and what are future prospects?