S'Cool LAB Summer Camp



CERN CH-1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland

The S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP is an opportunity for 24 high-school students (aged 16-19) from all around the world to spend 2 weeks exploring the fascinating world of particle physics. Spend your summer at S’Cool LAB, CERN’s hands-on particle physics learning laboratory, for an epic programme of lectures and tutorials, your own team research projects, and visits of CERN’s research installations!

S'Cool LAB Website: https://cern.ch/s-cool-lab

S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP 23 July to 5 August 2017:

Programme Manager
Julia Woithe: 0041 75 411 6539
Janna Vischer: 0041 75 411 2048
Fabian Schneider: 0041 75 411 2063
Zuzana Juskova: 0041 22 76 64139

In case of emergency:
CERN fire brigade: 0041 22 76 74444

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