February 20, 2017 to March 3, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

The Standard Model of elementary particle physics has   provided a consistent description of Nature's fundamental constituents and  their interactions.  Its predictions have been tested and confirmed by  numerous experiments. The Large Hadron Collider's runs at 7 and 8 TeV culminated in the discovery of a Higgs boson-like particle with the mass of   about 125 GeV -- the last critical Standard Model component.

However, it is clear that the Standard Model is not a complete theory. It  fails to explain a number of observed phenomena in particle physics,  astrophysics and cosmology. Some yet unknown particles or interactions would be  needed to explain these puzzles.

It is possible that our inability to observe new particles lies in their extremely feeble interactions.  If  true, this would imply that experiments are needed to cross the "intensity frontier", rather than the "energy frontier". 

The aim of the Theory Institute is to discuss theory and phenomenology of possible new physics at low energy scales that can be probed by new intensity frontier and precision experiments.

In March 2016 CERN management has announced creation of “Physics Beyond Colliders” Study Group with the mandate to “...explore opportunities offered by the CERN accelerator complex to address outstanding questions in particle physics through projects complementary to high-energy colliders”. In particular, a newly proposed intensity frontier experiment SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles) is at the stage of producing Comprehensive Design Research during the next 3 years. At this stage the changes to the experimental design can still be made, in order to optimize or improve a potential reach of the experiment. This TH Institute will bring together theorists in order to help to maximize science output of this or similar experiments.

This Theory Institute is funded jointly by CERN, EPFL, and Korean Government (under the CERN-Korea Collaboration agreement)

Organisers: A. Boyarsky, S. Y. Choi, K. Y. Choi, G. Giudice, C. Grojean, J. Jaeckel, A. Katz, H. M. Lee, H. S. Lee, M. Mccullough, M. Pospelov, O. Ruchayskiy, M. Shaposhnikov, S. Sibiryakov, F. Tramontano

4/3-006 - TH Conference Room
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