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May 31, 2017 to June 6, 2017
Jeju Island, South Korea
ROK timezone

The LHC is performing extremely well and reached more than the designed integrated luminosity of 30 inverse fb by the end of 2016.  However, as yet there has been no hint of any new physics at the weak scale.  The 2017 CERN-CKC workshop on beyond the standard model physics, to be held in Jeju island, South Korea, will provide a unique setting for world experts on BSM physics, including dark matter and cosmology, to discuss new ideas for weak scale physics.   The workshop is jointly organized by CERN-TH and Korea as a part of the CERN-CKC collaboration and will thus be timely, as 2017 marks the 10th anniversary for the CERN-CKC collaboration.


Jeju Island, South Korea
Symphony (1st floor)
<a href="">Hidden Cliff Hotel and Nature</a>

Organizing Committee:

Seong Youl Choi (Chonbuk National University)

Gian Giudice (CERN)

Deog-Ki Hong (Pusan National University)

Andrey Katz (CERN)

Hyung Do Kim (Seoul National University)

Hyun Min Lee (Chung-Ang University)

Seung J. Lee (Korea University)

Matthew Mccullough (CERN)

Seongchan Park (Yonsei University)

Andrea Wulzer (CERN)


Sponsored by:


CERN-Korea Committee (CKC)

Center for Theoretical Physics, Seoul National University

Chonbuk National University

Chung-Ang University


Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

New Physics @ Korea Institute (NPKI)

National Research Foundation of Korea (BRL, SNU)

Particle Theory Group, Korea University

Pusan National University

Science Books

The Korean Physical Society

Yonsei University

Hidden Cliff Hotel and Nature