4th Workshop on Accelerator Magnets in HTS (WAMHTS-4)

UAB Casa de Convalescència

UAB Casa de Convalescència


We are pleased to announce that the 4th Workshop of the series Accelerator Magnets in High Temperature Superconductors (WAMHTS-4), will be held on 15-17 February 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. During the workshop, a special common session is planned with the European FP7 project “EUROTAPES” that, like FP7-EuCARD-2, will end in spring 2017. WAMHTS-4 is organised by the EuCARD-2-WP10 (Future Magnets) collaboration, with the support of Prof. Xavier Obradors, Director of the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, CSIC, also Coordinator of EUROTAPES.

While WAMHTS-1 was dedicated to “Conductor”, WAMHTS-2 to “Coil Technology” and WAMHTS-3 to “Magnet Protection”, in this workshop we intend to review the main aspects of HTS accelerator magnets design, and discuss the results of EuCARD-2 and the experience of other communities which are active on HTS magnets: Fusion, High Field solenoids and Power applications. Future HTS programs for accelerators beyond EuCARD-2, will also be discussed. As usual, the workshop will be open to contributions from Industry.

Participation in this event is by invitation only. People not having received an invitation and who wish to participate can contact the member of the IOC of their region.

Lucio Rossi, WAMHTS-4 Chair


  • Albert Calleja
  • Alejandro Fernandez Rodriguez
  • Alexander Molodyk
  • Alexander Stangl
  • Alexander Usoskin
  • Amalia Ballarino
  • Andrea Augieri
  • Angelo Vannozzi
  • Anna Kario
  • Anna Palau
  • Antti Stenvall
  • Arno Godeke
  • Bernat Mundet
  • Bernhard Holzapfel
  • Bohores Villarejo
  • Carmine Senatore
  • Changyong Lu
  • Clement Lorin
  • Constantino Perez
  • Danko van der Laan
  • David Larbalestier
  • Drew Hazelton
  • Elena Xuriguera
  • Fedor Gömöry
  • Ferran Valles
  • Gijs de Rijk
  • Giuseppe Celentano
  • Gloria Garcia Ortega
  • Glyn Kirby
  • Hailin Wang
  • Herman Ten Kate
  • Hugo Bajas
  • Jaakko Murtomaeki
  • Janne Ruuskanen
  • Javier Barriga
  • Javier Casellas Ferrer
  • Jeremy Weiss
  • Jeroen van Nugteren
  • jerome Fleiter
  • Jim Lyon
  • Joffre Gutierrez
  • Jordi Martinez
  • Juri Banchewski
  • Júlia Jareño
  • Kento Suzuki
  • Kyekun Cheon
  • Laia Soler Bru
  • Luca Bottura
  • Lucio Rossi
  • Luisa Chiesa
  • Makoto Takayasu
  • Manuela Erbe
  • Mar Tristany
  • Marc Dhalle
  • Maria Durante
  • Mariona Coll
  • Markus Bauer
  • Marta Vilardell
  • Martina Falter
  • Masanori Daibo
  • Max Sieger
  • Mayraluna Lao
  • Michal Vojenciak
  • Natalia Chamorro Garcia
  • Pablo Cayado
  • Pascal Tixador
  • Patrick Pahlke
  • Patrick Wikus
  • Philippe Fazilleau
  • Ramesh Gupta
  • Ramona Bianca Mos
  • Roxana Vlad
  • Tabea Arndt
  • Tadesse Desta Gidey
  • Teresa Puig
  • Tim Mulder
  • Toru Ogitsu
  • Ulrich Betz
  • Valerie Brunner
  • Veit Große
  • Victor Pantsyrny
  • Wilfried Goldacker
  • Xavier Obradors
  • Xiaorong Wang
  • Yifeng Yang
  • Yukikazu Iwasa
  • Ziliang Li