Jul 15 – 22, 2017
Asia/Bangkok timezone

Arrival Information

How to go from airport to the Guest house

Most participants will stay at “Vidhaya Nives Guest House”.

If coming from Suvarnabhumi Airport (where most international flights land), take the airport train from the lowest floor of the airport building (either Express line or City line – the Express line train may be closed). The fare is about 45 Baht.

If going directly to the School venue, you can exit the airport train at Makkasan station, transfer to the adjacent Petchaburi MRT station, and take subway (MRT) to Sam Yan station located at the southern edge of campus, near the Faculty of Science.

Vidhaya Nives Guest House” is located at the north end of campus (close to MBK department store – this is a useful landmark). You can take the airport train to Phaya Thai (the last station). From there you have two options to get to the Guest House:

-take a short taxi ride (about 50-60 Baht). Ask the taxi driver to turn on the meter before you get inside. Give him the address for the Guest House, below.

-transfer to BTS and ride 2-3 stops (to Siam or National Stadium), then walk from there (1-2km).

Don Mueang Airport (mostly served by regional and budget airlines) does not have train access. You can take bus to Mo Chit, where you can connect to either BTS or MRT (see above), or take a taxi. The bus numbers you can take:

  • A1(Terminal 1: Arrival hall Gate 6, Terminal 2: Arrival hall Gate 12)

  • 29, 59, 510 or 513 (Bus stop in front of the airport)

If you decide to take a taxi from either the airport, please follow the guidelines:

  1. Do not accept any taxi offers inside the terminal building.
  2. Walk to the taxi area and take a numbered ticket at the machines. Make sure you're never separated from the crowd of the locals.
  3. Wait for your number to be called (in Suvarnabhumi there are electronic signs above the parking spaces). The car should be an impeccably new and clean Toyota painted in bright colors with a TAXI-METER sign on top. Let the driver check your ticket.
  4. Make sure your driver turns on the meter immediately. If he refuses to do so, leave the car.
  5. You have to pay the meter price, plus a small airport fee (for which you get a receipt), plus the toll, if the car takes the tollway to the city (recommended).

Below is a map of the “Vidhaya Nives Guest House”:


The campus is divided East-West into two by Phaya Thai road.

The main School will be held in the “Environmental Science Building”.  From the Guest House, cross the small road outside and keep going until you reach the main road (Phaya Thai Rd). Cross over the road via the overpass and go through the gate on the other side near the large field. You should see a large pool and picture of the King on your left. Keep going straight until you see the statues of Kings Rama 5 and 6 on your left. The school building will be on your right hand side, next to the “Chemistry 2 building”.  

The Pre-school will be held in room 120 of the old “Physics building”. After turning right to go to the main School building, keep going down the alley and turn right at the end. Room 120 will be on your right, next to the long pool with bridges.

Below is a map of the Faculty of Science:

Address in Thai

To avoid unnecessary complications, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to have all essential addresses written in Thai script. Below are a few addresses important in relation to the school (you can just show it to the Taxi driver or anyone in the street):

Here is the address of the University Main Gate, but you should only use this if you’re lost.