Course on Physics at the LHC

Conference Room (LIP)

Conference Room


Av. Elias Garcia 14 1000 Lisboa Portugal
Joao Varela (LIP Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Part), Michele Gallinaro (LIP Lisbon)

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Required background
Attendees are expected to have followed a basic course on particle physics and/or to be familiar with the following topics:


  • Basic concepts Elementary constituents of matter and interactions. Quantum numbers and conservation rules. Spin and symmetry groups. Relativistic kinematics. Cross-section. Natural units. Mass and lifetime. Resonances.
  • Structure of matter Elastic scattering and form factors. Inelastic scattering experiments. Nucleon structure functions. Scale invariance. Quark model. Parton distribution functions. Introduction to QCD.
  • Fundamental interactions Introduction to QED. Fermi interaction. Parity violation. Currents V-A and weak doblets. W and Z bosons. Cabibbo angle. Neutral currents. Electroweak interaction. Gauge symmetries. The Higgs mechanism. Weinberg-Salam model. CP violation.

Students are recommended to refresh their knowledge in particle physics prior to the Course. Suggested bibliography:


  • F. Halzen and A.D.Martin, ' Quarks and Leptons ', John Wiley and Sons (1984)
  • D. Griffiths, ' Introduction to Elementary Particles ', John Wiley and Sons (1987)
  • B.R.Martin, G. Shaw, ' Particle Physics ', John Wiley and Sons (1999)
  • D. Perkins, `Introduction to High Energy Physics', Cambridge University Press (2000)

The registration for the Course is open until March 1st. Registration should be done on the web address

A certificate will be delivered after the Course upon regular attendance and successful final examination.



The content of the Course may be updated as a result of possible discoveries at LHC during the Course duration.

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