April 4, 2017
Europe/Zurich timezone

Thirty Years ago the petawatt era was heralded by the publication of “En Route vers le Petawatt “ by P. Maine, D. Strickland, P. Bado, M. Pessot and G. Mourou in 1987. This prediction is with us today. The petawatt is coming of age with more than 10 PW-capable laser centers opening new real world possibilities:

- Laser acceleration with light, electron(FACET) and proton beam(AWAKE)- Laser-wakefield Acceleration with high average power pulse at high efficiency- Laser wakefield with X-Ray, TeV/cm applications- High Energy Compression to single cycle with Application to x-ray generation- Efficient relativistic Proton generation- Laser wake-field, Low luminosity paradigm- Black Hole and Information loss paradox- Dark matter

Invited speakers :

- Roy Aleksan- Georg Korn- Ralph Assmann / Massimo Ferrario- Catalin Miron- Patrick Audebert- Gerard Mourou- Franck Brottier /Federico Canova- Karoly Osvay- Jean-Christophe Chanteloup- Michel Spiro- Pisin Chen- Toshiki Tajima- Toshikazu Ebisuzaki- Kazuo Tanaka- Sydney Gales- Satoshi Wada- Spencer Gessner- Jonathan Wheeler- Bernhard Holzer 

Ecole polytechnique Auditorium Carnot 91128 Palaiseau - France