May 1 – 3, 2017
Princeton University
US/Eastern timezone

Videoconference Information

We have arranged for a videoconference connection for the plenary sessions on Monday and Wednesday. This uses the Vidyo system used by CERN. To join, you should obtain the Vidyo client application:

and then to join the meeting you should (a) start that application (ignore any login request you see) and then click on the link (below) for the Vidyo room. It will probably ask you for a name to display in the videoconference. Enter that and hit "Connect" and the Vidyo application should then connect you to the videoconference (and the login request will disappear). Please make sure you have muted your microphone in the Vidyo app.

The meeting rooms at Princeton, and the links to join the Vidyo room for each, are:

  • Monday (plenary) - Lewis Library 120 (Vidyo link)
  • Tuesday (parallel sessions) - McDonell Hall 103, Jadwin Hall A06,  Jadwin Hall 475, Jadwin Hall 111
  • Wednesday (plenary) - Lewis Library 138 (Vidyo link)