Oct 2 – 6, 2017
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Europe/Paris timezone

Latest R&D news and beam test performance of the highly granular SiW-ECAL technological prototype for the ILC

Oct 3, 2017, 3:20 PM
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Other Institutes

IPNL-IN2P3/Université Lyon 1


Adrian Irles (LAL)


High precision physics at future colliders require unprecedented high precision calorimeters. The needed precision is achieved thanks to the Particle Flow Algorithm (PFA) and highly granular calorimeters. The physical proof of concept was performed in the prvious campaign of beam tests of physic prototypes within the CALICE collaboration. We present here the latest beam and laboratory test results and R&D developments for the Silicon-Tungsten Electromagnetic Calorimeter technological prototype with fully embedded very front-end (VFE) electronics for the International Large Detector at the International Linear Collider future project.
Special emphasis will be done in presentation and discussion of the results coming from the beam test done at DESY in June 2017. The physics planning for such beam test consisted in the calibration and commissioning of the current set of available SiW ECAL modules; the commissioning and test of the new DAQ and DQM developments; and the test of performance of individual slabs under 1T magnetic fields.

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