Physics at CLIC

503/1-001 - Council Chamber (CERN)

503/1-001 - Council Chamber


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Andrea Wulzer (Universita e INFN, Padova (IT)) , James Wells (CERN) , Jorge de Blas (University of Padova)

The physics picture that is emerging from the LHC results and the recent completion of the CLIC feasibility study and detector design, make an assessment of the CLIC physics potential particularly timely, in preparation of the forthcoming update of the European Strategy. A dedicated working group was recently set up at CERN, with the purpose of collecting and coordinating the theory community effort in this direction. This workshop is the kickoff meeting of this initiative. Topics include direct or indirect searches for new physics, from any beyond-the-SM perspective, that are relevant for the CLIC experimental program.

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  • Admir Greljo
  • Aidan Robson
  • Alberto Mariotti
  • Alexander Mitov
  • Alon Faraggi
  • Amara Mccune
  • Andrea Caputo
  • Andrea Thamm
  • Andrea Wulzer
  • Christoph Englert
  • Christophe Grojean
  • Christopher Verhaaren
  • Dominik Arominski
  • Dominik Dannheim
  • Estel Perez Codina
  • Fady Bishara
  • Filippo Sala
  • Giuliano Panico
  • Graham Van Goffrier
  • Haluk Denizli
  • Jean-Jacques BLAISING
  • Jiayin Gu
  • Jiri Hofbrucker
  • Jorge de Blas
  • Jure Zupan
  • Jürgen Reuter
  • Ken Mimasu
  • Konrad Elsener
  • Luca Di Luzio
  • Lucie Linssen
  • Manimala Mitra
  • Marco Nardecchia
  • Mason Proffitt
  • Matthias Schlaffer
  • Matthias Weber
  • Michael Gronau
  • Michael Rauch
  • Michelangelo Mangano
  • Oleksandr Viazlo
  • Orhan Cakir
  • Paolo Panci
  • Pedro Schwaller
  • Philip Burrows
  • Philipp Roloff
  • Roberto Franceschini
  • Shao-Feng Ge
  • Shaouly Bar Shalom
  • Simon Spannagel
  • Stefania De Curtis
  • Thorben Quast
  • Victoria Jane Martin
  • Wolfgang Kilian
  • Yixuan Zhang