Jun 25 – 29, 2018
Guadeloupe islands
America/Guadeloupe timezone

This is the second meeting, following the first one organised by the University San Francisco de Quito in Galapagos with as topics: Beyond the Standard Model.

The main goal of the meeting is to discuss progress and future directions related to our great ignorance of the energy and matter content of our Universe.

Astrophysical observations combined with accelerator experiment results, e.g., from the LHC, will help in the understanding of fundamental puzzles like dark matter, dark energy and black holes. 

Topics will include dark matter, dark energy, neutrino cosmology, black holes and gravity.

This meeting will bring together theorists, astrophysicists and particle physicists, and we hope that original new ideas will emerge from discussions.

We are grateful to the Council Region of Guadeloupe Council Region of Guadeloupe for its financial support for scientific events. Therefore this conference will be fees free. We will offer the welcome cocktail, and the shuttle.

Proceedings are now available.

Guadeloupe islands
University of Antilles Fouillole 97157 Pointe-à-Pitre Amphi Merault

Scientific programme

Dark Matter

Dark Energy

Neutrino Cosmology

Black Holes



Advisory Committee

Laura Baudis (University of Zurich)

Eckhard Elsen (CERN and DESY)

Paul Grannis (State University of New York)

Karl Jakobs (University of Freiburg)

Young Kee-Kim (University of Chicago)

Hugh Montgomery (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)

Adam Riess (Johns Hopkins University)

Takaaki Kajita (University of Tokyo)

Katsuo Tokushuku (Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics KEK)

Tejinder Virdee (Imperial College London)

Guy Wormser (University of Paris-Saclay)


Organizing Committee

Betty Calpas (CVUT Prague)

Edgar Carrera (USFQ Ecuador)

Hélène Courtois (University of Lyon IPNL)

John Ellis (King’s College London and CERN Switzerland)

Kazuhiko Hara (University of Tsukuba Japan)

Bruce Hoeneisen (USFQ Ecuador)

Carlos Montúfar (USFQ Ecuador)

Pierre Pétroff (LAL CNRS/IN2P3 France )

Christophe Royon (University of Kansas USA)

Brigitte Vachon (McGill university Montreal Canada)


Local Committee

Ruddy Blonbou (Council Region of Guadeloupe)

Rudy Calif (University of Antilles)

Manuel Clergue (University of Antilles)

Mariette Dino (University of Antilles)

Coline Marchini (Council Region of Guadeloupe)

Alain Piétrus (University of Antilles)


Supporting Institutions 


Registration for this event is currently open.