15-17 November 2017
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Asia/Seoul timezone

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The 21st International Conference on Accelerators and Beam Utilization (ICABU17) will be held from November 15 to 17, in Gyeongju, Korea. Traditionally, the conference covered emerging issues in advanced accelerator technologies and utilizations of particle beams, from photons, electrons, protons, neutrons, and ions, in a wide range of research fields, spanning from basic science, materials science, nano, bio-life, information, aero-space, energy & environment, medical applications, to industrial applications.
Keeping its spirit, the conference will shed light on major accelerator projects in the world and Korea, and beam utilization in emerging R&D fields through the plenary sessions and parallel sessions. A poster session widely welcomes sophisticated R&D results from accelerator developments and particle beam utilizations. In addition, a special session is formulated to discuss various issues related to major accelerator projects, PLS-II Upgrade, PAL-XFEL, Korea Muitl-Purpose Accelerator Complex (KOMAC), Rare Isotope Science Project(RISP), and Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project(KHIMA), Korea, which will be run by Korean participants.


Ky Kim, chair


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