Sep 25 – 28, 2017
Physikalisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg
Europe/Zurich timezone


KIT and Karlsruhe

on Tuesday, September 26.


15:00 h:  Bus leaves from Heidelberg 

15:45 h:  Check-in at KIT Campus North

16:00 h:  Visit of Tritium Laboratory and KATRIN experiment

18:00 h: Bus transfer to Karlsruhe with  optional sightseeing tour


Option 1a:  Leave the bus near Karlsruhe castle,  walk from castle to market square with city hall, market church and the pyramid in which Margrave Karl is buried. Walk to KIT Campus South to view the place where Heinrich Hertz discovered the electromagnetic waves. Continue through the "Dörfle", the old city of Karlsruhe, to "Vogelbräu", a microbrewery offering local food. Self-hosted dinner (around 20:00 h), then use tram and commuter train back to Heidelberg. (If you choose the tram leaving from the stop "Durlacher Tor" near "Vogelbräu" at 21:40 h, you'll be back at Heidelberg main station at 22:41 h.)

Option 1b:  Leave the bus near Karlsruhe castle, walk from castle to market square with city hall, market church and the pyramid in which Margrave Karl is buried. Take the tram to Durlach (takes 15 minutes, trams run every 10 minutes), which was the capital of the margraviate "Baden-Durlach" from 1565 to 1718. Durlach is a pittoresque small old town (now incorporated to Karlsruhe) with a medieval layout (circular streets surrounding church and city hall, some pieces of the city walls including the tower "Basler Tor".) Explore Durlach on your own, e.g. walk from tram stop "Friedrichschule" along the main street to the city hall and then through narrow alleys to "Basler Tor" and then through Amtshausstraße to the old castle between Marstallstraße and Karlsburgstraße).  Self-hosted dinner (around 20:00 h) in one of the many restaurants in Durlach, then use the commuter train back to Heidelberg (e.g. train leaving at 21:56 h will be at Heidelberg main station at  22:41 h.) Recommended restaurants: "Alte Schmiede", "La Dolce Vita", "Sol i Luna", "Mediterranné".

Option 2: Stay on the bus and return to Heidelberg right away. 

Important: To get the entry permit for KIT Campus North we need the following information:  family name, first name, place of birth, date of birth, passport ID. Please mail it by September 17 to Mrs. Horneck,